Safety Instructions; Personal Protective Equipment; Machine ' S Safety Equipment - Husqvarna 323P4 Operator's Manual

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Personal protective equipment

IMPORTANT INFORMATION The machine can be a
dangerous tool if used incorrectly or carelessly, which can
cause serious or fatal injury to the operator or others.
Please read the operator's manual carefully and make sure
you understand the instructions before using the machine.
You must wear approved protective equipment whenever
you use the machine. Personal protective equipment
cannot eliminate the risk of injury but it will reduce the
degree of injury if an accident does happen. Ask your
dealer for help in choosing the right equipment.
WARNING! Remove your hearing protection
as soon as you stop the engine, so that you
can hear any noises or warning signals.
Gloves must be worn when required, for example when fitting,
inspecting or cleaning cutting attachments.
HEARING PROTECTION Wear hearing protection that
provides adequate noise reduction.
EYE PROTECTION Blows from branches or objects that are
thrown out by a cutting attachment can damage the eyes.
Wear sturdy, non-slip boots.
CLOTHING Wear clothes made of a strong fabric and avoid
loose clothing that can catch on twigs and branches. Always
wear heavy, long pants. Do not wear jewellery, shorts sandals
or go barefoot. Secure hair so it is above shoulder level.
Always have a first aid kit nearby.
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Machine ' s safety equipment

This section describes the machine ' s safety equipment, its
purpose, and how checks and maintenance should be carried
out to ensure that it operates correctly. See the "What is
what?" section to locate where this equipment is positioned
on your machine.
WARNING! Never use a machine that has
faulty safety equipment! Carry out the
inspection, maintenance and service
routines listed in this section.
Throttle lock
The throttle lock is designed to prevent accidental operation
of the throttle control. When you press the lock (A) (i.e. when
you grasp the handle) it releases the throttle control (B).
When you release the handle the throttle control and the
throttle lock both move back to their original positions. This
movement is controlled by two independent return springs.
This arrangement means that the throttle control is
automatically locked at the idle setting.
Stop switch
Use the stop switch to switch off the engine.
Vibration damping system
Your machine is equipped with a vibration damping system
that is designed to minimise vibration and make operation

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