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WARNING! This machine is not electrically
insulated. If the machine touches or comes
close to high-voltage power lines it could
lead to death or serious bodily injury.
Electricity can jump from one point to
another by arcing. The higher the voltage,
the greater the distance electricity can jump.
Electricity can also travel through branches
and other objects, especially if they are wet.
Always keep a distance of at least 10 m
between the machine and high-voltage
power lines and/or any objects that are
touching them. If have to work within this
safe distance you should always contact the
relevant power company to make sure the
power is switched off before you start work.
WARNING! This machine has a long reach.
Make sure that no people or animals come
closer than 15 m when the machine is
Whenever possible position yourself so that you can make
the cut at right angles to the branch.
Do not work with the shaft held straight out in front of you
(like a fishing rod) as this increases the apparent weight of
the cutting attachment.
Cut large branches in sections so that you have better
control over where they fall.
14 –
Never cut through the swelling at the root of the branch as
this will slow down healing and increase the risk of fungal
Use the stop at the base of the cutting head to provide
support during cutting. This will help prevent the cutting
attachment from "jumping" on the branch.
Make an initial cut on the underside of the branch before
cutting through the branch. This will prevent tearing of the
bark, which could lead to slow healing and cause
permanent damage to the tree. The cut should not be
deeper than 1/3 of the branch thickness to prevent
jamming. Keep the chain running while you withdraw the
cutting attachment from the branch to prevent it jamming.
Use the harness to support the weight of the machine and
make it easier to handle.
Make sure you have a firm footing and that you can work
without being hampered by branches, stones and trees.
WARNING! Never activate the throttle
without having the cutting attachment in full

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