Cutting Equipment - Husqvarna 323P4 Operator's Manual

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See instructions under the heading Start. Start the
machine and apply full throttle. Release the throttle and
check that the cutting attachment stops and remains at a
standstill. If the cutting attachment rotates with the throttle
in the idle position then the carburettor idle setting must be
checked. See instructions under the heading
Stop switch
Start the engine and make sure the engine stops when
you move the stop switch to the stop setting.
Vibration damping system
Regularly check the vibration damping units for cracks or
Check that the vibration damping element is undamaged
and securely attached.
Never use a machine that has a faulty muffler.
Regularly check that the muffler is securely attached to
the machine.
6 –
If the muffler on your machine is fitted with a spark
arrestor mesh this must be cleaned regularly. A blocked
mesh will cause the engine to overheat and may lead to
serious damage.
Never use a muffler with a defective spark arrestor mesh.

Cutting equipment

This section describes how you can achieve maximum
clearing capacity and extend the life of the cutting attachment
through correct maintenance and using the right type of
cutting attachment.
Check the cutting equipment with regard to damage and
crack formation. Damaged cutting equipment should always
be replaced.
Only use cutting equipment recommended by us!
Keep the chain's cutting teeth properly sharpened!
Follow our instructions and use the recommended file
gauge. A damaged or badly sharpened chain increases
the risk of accidents.
Maintain the correct raker clearance! Follow our
instructions and use the recommended raker gauge.
Too large a clearance increases the risk of kickback.
Keep the chain properly tensioned! If the chain is slack
it is more likely to jump off and lead to increased wear on
the bar, chain and drive sprocket.

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Table of Contents

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