Starting And Stopping; Check Before Starting - Husqvarna 323P4 Operator's Manual

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Check before starting

Inspect the working area. Remove any objects that could
be thrown out.
Check the cutting attachment. Never use blunt, cracked or
damaged equipment.
Check that the machine is in perfect working order. Check
that all nuts and screws are tight.
Make sure the chain is adequately lubricated. See
instructions under the heading Lubricating the cutting
Check that the cutting attachment always stops when the
engine is idling.
Only use the machine for the purpose it was intended for.
Make sure that the handle and safety features are in good
working order. Never use a machine that lacks a part or
has been modified outside its specifications.

Starting and stopping

WARNING! The complete clutch cover and
shaft must be fitted before the machine is
started, otherwise the clutch can come loose
and cause personal injury.
Always move the machine away from the
refuelling area before starting. Place the
machine on a flat surface. Ensure the cutting
attachment cannot come into contact with
any object. Make sure no unauthorised
persons are in the working area, otherwise
there is a risk of serious personal injury. The
safety distance is 15 metres.
Cold engine
Ignition: Set the stop switch to the start position.
Choke:Set the choke control in the choke position.
Air purge: Press the air purge diaphragm repeatedly until
fuel begins to fill the diaphragm. The diaphragm need not be
completely filled.
Warm engine
Use the same procedure as for starting a cold engine but
without setting the choke control in the choke position. The
correct choke/start throttle setting is obtained by moving the
choke control to the choke position and then pushing it in
Stop the engine by switching off the ignition.
WARNING! When the engine is started with the choke in the
choke or start position the cutting attachment starts to rotate
Hold the body of the machine on the ground using your left
hand (CAUTION! Not with your foot!).
Grip the starter handle, slowly pull out the cord with your right
hand until you feel some resistance (the starter pawls grip),
now quickly and powerfully pull the cord.
Push the choke control back to its original position as soon as
the engine fires, and continue trying to start until the engine
starts. When the engine starts, quickly apply full throttle to
automatically disengage the start throttle setting.
CAUTION! Do not pull the starter cord all the way out and do
not let go of the starter handle when the cord is fully extended.
This can damage the machine. Also take care to ensure that
the cutting attachment is not touching the ground when you
start the machine.
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