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Safety Instructions For Maintenance; Assembly - Husqvarna 524LK Operator's Manual

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Open the fuel cap slowly so that any excess
pressure is released gently when you refuel.
Tighten the fuel cap carefully after you refueled.
Clean the area around the fuel cap. Contamination in
the tank can cause operating problems.
WARNING: Always stop the engine before
you do any work on the cutting attachment.
The cutting attachment continues to rotate
even after the throttle has been released.
Ensure that the cutting attachment has
stopped completely and disconnect the
spark plug before you start to work on it.
WARNING: A faulty cutting attachment may
increase the risk of accidents.
WARNING: Before you assemble the
product, you must read and understand the
safety chapter.
WARNING: Remove the spark plug cable
from the spark plug before you assemble the
To assemble the loop handle
1. Put the loop handle onto the shaft, between the
2. Put the spacer into the slot of the loop handle.
3. Install the nut, the knob and the screw. Do not
tighten fully.
1309 - 001 -

Safety instructions for maintenance


Always move the product 3m (10ft) or further from
the refuelling area and source before starting.
WARNING: Make sure that the trimmer cord
is wound tightly and evenly around the
drum, otherwise the product will generate
harmful vibration.
Only use cutting attachments with the guards we
recommend. Refer to
4. Adjust the product to an applicable operation
5. Tighten the knob.
To assemble the two-piece shaft
1. Turn the knob to loosen the coupling.
2. Align the tab of the cutting attachment (A) with the
arrow of the coupling (B).
3. Carefully push the shaft into the coupling until you
hear a click.
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