Safety Instructions For Using A Pruning Saw - Husqvarna 323P4 Operator's Manual

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Observe your surroundings and make sure that there is no
risk of people or animals coming into contact with the
cutting equipment.
Place the machine on the ground, ensure the cutting
attachment is clear of twigs and stones. Hold the body of
the machine on the ground using your left hand
(CAUTION! Not with your foot). Then grip the starter
handle with your right hand and pull the starter cord.
Fuel safety
Always use a fuel container with an anti-spill valve.
Never refuel the machine while the engine is running.
Always stop the engine and let it cool for a few minutes
before refuelling.
Make sure there is plenty of ventilation when refuelling or
mixing fuel (petrol and 2-stroke oil).
Move the machine at least 3 m from the refuelling point
before starting it.
Never start the machine:
1 If you have spilt fuel on it. Wipe off the spillage and allow
remaining fuel to evaporate.
2 If you spill fuel or chain oil on yourself or your clothes.
Change your clothes.
3 If the machine is leaking fuel. Check regularly for leaks
from the fuel cap and fuel lines.
Transport and storage
Store and transport the machine and fuel so that there is
no risk of any leakage or fumes coming into contact with
sparks or naked flames, for example, from electrical
machinery, electric motors, electrical relays/switches or
When storing and transporting fuel always use approved
containers intended for this purpose.
When storing the machine for long periods the fuel tank
must be emptied. Contact your local petrol station to find
out where to dispose of excess fuel.
Ensure the machine is cleaned and that a complete
service is carried out before long-term storage.
If the machine is to be transported on a vehicle, it must be
secured to avoid damage or fuel leakage. You should also
make sure that the machine cannot injure any person or
animal during transport. Observe relevant traffic
12 –
The transport guard must always be fitted to the cutting
attachment when the machine is being transported or in
WARNING! Take care when handling fuel.
Bear in mind the risk of fire, explosion and
inhaling fumes.
Safety instructions for using a
pruning saw
WARNING! The machine can cause serious
personal injury. Read the safety instructions
carefully. Learn how to use the machine.
WARNING! Cutting tool. Do not touch the
tool without first switching off the engine.
CAUTION! Please read the operator's manual carefully and
make sure you understand the instructions before using the
Personal protection
Always wear boots and other equipment described under
the heading Personal protective equipment.
Always wear working clothes and heavy-duty long
Never wear loose clothing or jewellery.
Make sure your hair does not hang below shoulder level.
Safety instructions regarding the
Never allow children to use the machine.
Ensure that no-one comes closer than 15 m while you are
Never allow anyone else to use the machine without first
ensuring that they have understood the contents of the
operator's manual.
Never work from a ladder, stool or any other raised
position that is not fully secured.

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