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WARNING! The machine can be a dangerous
tool if used incorrectly or carelessly, which can
cause serious or fatal injury to the operator or
Please read the operator's manual carefully
and make sure you understand the
instructions before using the machine.
Always wear:
A protective helmet where there is a risk of
falling objects
Approved hearing protection
Protective goggles or a visor
This product is in accordance with applicable
EC directives.
This machine is not electrically insulated.
If the machine touches or comes close to
high-voltage power lines it could lead to
death or serious bodily injury. Electricity
can jump from one point to another by
arcing. The higher the voltage, the greater
the distance electricity can jump.
Electricity can also travel through
branches and other objects, especially if
they are wet. Always keep a distance of at
least 10 m between the machine and high-voltage power lines
and/or any objects that are touching them. If have to work
within this safe distance you should always contact the
relevant power company to make sure the power is switched
off before you start work.
This machine has a long reach. Make sure that no people or
animals come closer than 15 m when the machine is running.
Always wear approved protective gloves.
Wear sturdy, non-slip boots.
2 –


Other symbols/decals on the machine refer to special
certification requirements for certain markets.
Switch off the engine by moving the stop
switch to the STOP position before carrying
out any checks or maintenance.
Always wear approved protective gloves.
Regular cleaning is required.
Visual check.
Protective goggles or a visor must be worn.
Filling with chain oil and adjusting oil flow

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Table of Contents

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