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Canon SELPHY CP1000 User Manual

Compact photo printer
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Printer User Guide
Make sure you read this guide, including the "Safety
Precautions" section, before using the printer.
Reading this guide will help you learn to use the printer
Store this guide safely so that you can use it in the
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© CANON INC. 2015
Part Names
Basic Operations
Print Settings
Printing via USB Cable



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  • Page 1 Store this guide safely so that you can use it in the Appendix • To jump to the beginning of a chapter, click the chapter future. title on the right. From chapter title pages, you can access topics by clicking their titles. © CANON INC. 2015 CEL-SV9UA210...
  • Page 2: Package Contents

    Package Contents Ink and Paper (Sold Separately) Cover Before use, make sure the following items are included in the package. Before use, purchase a Color Ink / Paper Set. If anything is missing, contact the retailer where you purchased the printer. Color Ink / Paper Set Contents Necessary Paper...
  • Page 3: Before Use

    Always ensure that the product is used correctly. Contents • For information on printer warranty or Canon Customer Support, please refer • The safety precautions noted on the following pages are intended to to the warranty information provided with your printer User Manual Kit.
  • Page 4: Damage The Printer

    • Do not stick any part of your hand into the printer interior. retailer or a Canon Customer Support Help Desk. Do not attempt to remove • Place SELPHY in a safe location where people will not trip over the jammed paper by force, which may damage the printer.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Part Names Cover Package Contents ......2 Printing via USB Cable .. Ink and Paper (Sold Separately) ..2 Contents Printing from a Computer .....34 Memory Card Slot Before Use ........3 Ink Cassette Lock Printing from a Camera ....36 Paper Cassette Conventions in This Guide .....3 Compartment Ink Cassette...
  • Page 6 Controls On-Screen Information Cover Shooting date of current image File number Paper orientation Port/slot in use 14, 17) Contents Print size Part Names Print settings (= 26 – 31) Cropping (Dimmed when unavailable) Basic Operations Prints of current image Total prints Icons in This Name Function...
  • Page 7 Basic Operations Cover Contents This chapter introduces basic printing operations such as preparing the printer, selecting images Part Names on a memory card, and specifying the number of prints. Basic Operations Print Settings Printing via USB Cable Troubleshooting Appendix Initial Preparations ..................Supported Images ...................14 Printing Images (Select &...
  • Page 8: Initial Preparations

    Initial Preparations • Do not hold the ink cassette with wet hands. Avoid touching the Cover ink sheet, and avoid getting dust on it. Dirt or moisture may cause Prepare for printing as follows. This example shows a Postcard-size Color banding or affect print quality, tear ink sheets and prevent printing, Ink / Paper Set (sold separately, 2) but the same steps are followed...
  • Page 9: Preparing The Paper Cassette

    Remove any protective sheets from Preparing the Paper Cassette the paper, and load only paper into the Cover cassette. Check the paper size. When making postcard prints with space Check the size on the paper cassette Contents for a stamp, load the paper with the (such as “Postcard Size”...
  • Page 10: Loading The Cassettes

    Canon Color Ink / Paper Sets for SELPHY CP Open the covers. printers. Canon shall not be liable for any damage to this product Open the ink and paper compartment caused by the use of non-genuine Canon Color Ink / Paper Sets for Contents SELPHY CP printers. covers.
  • Page 11: Attaching The Dust Protection Covers

    Attaching the Dust Protection Covers • It may not be possible to keep paper free of dust outdoors or in Cover dusty environments. Be careful about where you use the printer. Attaching the dust protection covers will help keep paper clean and free of dust.
  • Page 12: Installing And Plugging In Selphy

    Installing and Plugging in SELPHY • Do not use the printer near motors or other devices that generate Cover strong magnetic fields, or in dusty environments. This may damage Choose the right place to put More than the printer or cause malfunction. SELPHY.
  • Page 13: Display Language

    Display Language Access the language setting Cover screen. Change the language of menus and messages. Press the <u><d> buttons to select Language], and then press the Turn on SELPHY. Contents <o> button. Press the <q> button until the screen on the left is displayed.
  • Page 14: Supported Cards/Images

    Supported Cards/Images • For memory cards that require an adapter, always insert the card Cover into the adapter before inserting the adapter into the card slot. Checking Supported Memory Cards and the If you mistakenly insert the memory card into the card slot without Slot to Use an adapter, you may not be able to remove the card from the printer.
  • Page 15: Printing Images (Select & Print)

    Printing Images (Select & Print) Insert the memory card into the Cover slot. Select images and specify the number of prints as follows. Here, printing Insert the memory card facing as shown from an SD memory card is described as an example, but you can print until it clicks into place.
  • Page 16 Print. • Never pull out the paper cassette, open the ink cassette Cover compartment cover, or remove a memory card while printing or Press the <p> button to start printing. when you hear printer operation sounds immediately after it has While printing, paper passes in and out been turned on.
  • Page 17: Avoiding Left Over Paper

    Avoiding Left Over Paper Making One Print from a Selected Image Cover Note the following to prevent wasted paper, which occurs if ink is consumed For a convenient way to make a single print of a selected image, follow faster than the paper. these steps.
  • Page 18: Storing Prints

    • Store any unused paper or ink cassettes in their unopened Troubleshooting • Color may change over time or depending on storage conditions. packages, away from sunlight. Canon cannot be held liable for discoloration. Appendix...
  • Page 19: Regular Cleaning

    Printing via USB Cable • Do not use other types of cleaners, which may damage the printer. • If prints are affected by banding even after you use the cleaner unit, contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk. Troubleshooting Appendix...
  • Page 20: Print Settings

    Print Settings Cover Contents Explore a variety of printing features in this chapter, such as cropping images, preparing ID Part Names photos, and enhancing images. Basic Operations Print Settings Printing via USB Cable Troubleshooting Appendix Printing All Images .................. Optimal Prints with Auto Correction (Image Optimize) ........28 Adjusting the Brightness .................29...
  • Page 21: Printing All Images

    Printing All Images Choose the number of prints. Cover Press the <u><d> buttons to specify Print all images on a memory card at once as follows. the number of prints. Contents Access the menu. Press the <k> button. Number of Prints per image Part Names images on...
  • Page 22: Cropping Images

    Cropping Images Confirm the setting. Cover To confirm the cropping area and return Print only selected areas of an image as follows. to the image display screen, press the <o> button. Contents Access the cropping screen. To crop other images for printing with the Choose an image as described in step 4 first one, repeat steps 1 –...
  • Page 23: Printing Id Photos

    Printing ID Photos Specify the finished size of the Cover photo. Press the <l><r> buttons to specify how the size is determined. Contents [Custom]: Press the <u><d> buttons to select [Long Side], and then press the <l><r> buttons to specify the length. Part Names Specify the [Short Side] length, and then Images can be printed for use in photo identification.
  • Page 24 Filtering Candidate Image Sizes • Card-size paper cannot be used. Cover • [Borders] settings are not applied, and dates are not printed. Many image size options are listed when you select [ID Photo] ► [Size • Selecting two images in step 3 will produce an equal number of prints of each Selection] ►...
  • Page 25: Adjusting Settings

    Adjusting Settings Cropping Images Cover You can enhance images in several ways before printing. Add the shooting Two cropping guide lines are displayed date, adjust colors, and more. Settings apply to all images, so there is no when you access the crop frame need to adjust each image individually.
  • Page 26: Configuring Settings

    Print. Configuring Settings Cover Select the images 15) and the Access the setting screen. number of prints 15), and then press the <p> button to print. Press the <k> button. Contents Choosing the Finish (Print Finish) Press the <u><d> buttons to select [Change Settings], and then press the <o>...
  • Page 27 Choosing a Layout (Page Layout) • Turning off SELPHY will restore the default setting of [ Glossy]. Cover Printing with a Border around Images Contents (Borders) Part Names Choose the number of images per sheet. Your specified quantity of prints Basic Operations 15) will be printed in the configured layout.
  • Page 28 Optimal Prints with Auto Correction (Image Combining Images of Various Sizes (Shuffle) Cover Optimize) Contents Part Names Use the shuffle feature to have images arranged automatically in a variety of sizes. Automatically correct images, for optimal quality. Groups of up to 8 or 20 images can be printed on a single sheet. On (default) / Basic Operations Postcard-size paper...
  • Page 29: Adjusting The Brightness

    Adjusting the Brightness Making Skin Look Smooth (Smooth Skin) Cover Make skin appear smooth and beautiful. Off (default) / Contents • Correction may be applied to image areas other than skin in some cases, and results may not be as expected. Part Names Adjust image brightness in a range of –3 to +3.
  • Page 30 Reducing the Appearance of Red-Eye (Correct Adjusting the Color Tone (My Colors) Cover Red-Eye) Choose special color tones to make prints look distinctive, or choose sepia or black-and-white prints. Contents Saturated, natural – colors, as produced Off (default) Positive Film with positive film Part Names Vivid prints with greater...
  • Page 31 Changing How the Date Is Displayed (Date Printing with the Date Cover Format) Contents 02/02/2015 Part Names Add camera shooting dates when you print. 02/02/2015 2015/02/02 Off (default) / Basic Operations When adding the date 31), adjust the date format as needed. •...
  • Page 32 Using the Same Borders and Page Layout Saving Energy (Auto Power Down) Cover Settings after Turning off the Power (Keep SELPHY turns off automatically if left idle for about five minutes. Print Settings) On (default) / Off Contents You can have SELPHY retain the Borders 27) and Page Layout •...
  • Page 33 Printing via USB Cable Cover Contents This chapter describes how to connect a camera or computer via a USB cable for printing. Part Names Basic Operations Print Settings Printing via USB Cable Troubleshooting Appendix Printing from a Computer ............... Printing from a Camera ................Preparing the Computer ..................34 Printing Using Camera Settings (DPOF Print)
  • Page 34: Printing From A Computer

    Mini-B) Basic Operations drives. * In some sales region, a SELPHY CP1000 Solution Disk is included and can be used for printer installation. For details, refer to the “Getting Started” guide. Insert a loaded paper cassette and an ink cassette in SELPHY (= 8 –...
  • Page 35 USB cable. If recovery fails, restart the Start the photo software, select images to computer. print, and access the printing dialog box. Troubleshooting • For computer or photo software instructions, refer to the relevant As the destination printer, select [Canon user manual. (SELPHY) CP1000]. Appendix...
  • Page 36: Printing From A Camera

    If your camera is operated differently, refer to the camera • Mac OS: If [Canon CP1000] is not available as a destination printer, register user manual. the printer on the computer as follows. Part Names Access [Printers &...
  • Page 37 Dates and file numbers are DPOF information set on the camera that cannot be changed on SELPHY. • Images prepared with a [Print Type] of [Standard] on Canon cameras are Printing via USB Cable printed according to the settings in “Adjusting Settings”...
  • Page 38 Troubleshooting Cover Contents Refer to these troubleshooting tips to resolve problems with SELPHY. If the problem persists, Part Names contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk. Basic Operations Print Settings Printing via USB Cable Troubleshooting Appendix Power ......................39 Paper .......................40 Screen ......................39...
  • Page 39: Power

    Power Printing Cover Cannot turn on SELPHY Cannot print • Confirm that the power cord is connected and plugged in correctly 12). • Confirm that SELPHY is on 13). Contents • Hold the <q> button until the startup screen is displayed 13).
  • Page 40: Paper

    • Confirm that SELPHY’s interior is free of dust 46). cannot be removed, contact your retailer or a Canon Customer Support Help Desk. Do not attempt to remove jammed paper by force, which may damage the printer. • Confirm that no condensation has formed on SELPHY 46).
  • Page 41: Error Messages

    If only an error message is displayed, follow the suggestions in “Troubleshooting” 38). Contents If the problem persists, contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk. • If a problem occurs while SELPHY is connected to a camera, an error Part Names message may also be displayed on the camera.
  • Page 42 Appendix Cover Contents Instructions for battery-powered printing with an optional battery pack are given here, along with Part Names printer specifications and handling and maintenance tips. Basic Operations Print Settings Printing via USB Cable Troubleshooting Appendix Printing without a Power Outlet ............. Specifications ..................
  • Page 43: Printing Without A Power Outlet

    Contents • When charging is finished in about four hours (at room temperature), * According to Canon testing. May vary depending on printing conditions. ] will no longer be displayed. Attaching the Battery Pack • SELPHY can be turned on for use even while [ ] is blinking 12).
  • Page 44: Specifications

    Specifications Interfaces Cover Hi-Speed USB Type A port for PictBridge-compatible devices Mini-B port for computers Printing Method Dye-sublimation thermal transfer (with overcoating) Memory Cards SD, SDHC, SDXC, miniSD , miniSDHC , microSD Resolution 300 x 300 dpi Contents microSDHC , microSDXC , CF, Microdrive and xD-Picture Gradation 256 shades per color...
  • Page 45 Canon accessories and consumables. Weight Approx. 275 g (9.70 oz.) Canon shall not be liable for any damage to this product and/or accidents Part Names Battery Pack NB-CP2L (Sold Separately) such as fire, etc., caused by the malfunction of non-genuine Canon accessories (e.g., a leakage and/ or explosion of a battery pack).
  • Page 46: Handling And Maintenance

    16) before wiping the dust away, to prevent dust from getting inside guide without the permission of Canon is prohibited. and affecting print quality. • Canon reserves the right to change the contents of this guide at any time Printing via USB Cable without prior notice. •...