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Canon CP-10 User Manual

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Canon Card Photo Printer

User Guide



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  Summary of Contents for Canon CP-10

  • Page 1: User Guide

    ENGLISH Canon Card Photo Printer User Guide...
  • Page 2 English Getting ready to print This guide Taking shots Camera User Guide Connecting the camera to the printer Camera User Guide Printing Camera User Guide • Please read the Introduction on page 2 first.
  • Page 3 Canon Inc. • Canon Inc. makes no warranties for damages resulting from corrupted or lost data due to a mistaken operation or malfunction of the product, the CompactFlash™ cards (CF cards) or use of non-Canon CF cards.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Proper Usage and Handling ..............12 Components Guide ................. 17 Connecting the Camera to the Printer ............. 18 Loading the Paper ................... 19 Loading the Ink Cassette ................ 21 Troubleshooting ..................23 Error Messages ..................26 Specifications ..................29 Canon Customer Support ............... 30...
  • Page 5: Features

    Features Connects directly to supporting Canon cameras Allows easy printing from any Canon digital camera that supports direct printing. Just connect the interface cable and you're ready to go. Fast, high-quality prints Offers photo-quality prints. Produces up to 18 prints without reloading.
  • Page 6: Package Contents

    Package Contents Card Photo Printer CP-10 Paper Cassette Color Ink/Paper Set (5 sheets) Compact Power Adapter Direct Interface Cable DIF-100 Power Cable Cleaner (AC Adapter) CA-CP100 User Guide (this booklet) Direct Interface Cable DIF-200 Warranty Card* Not included in some regions.
  • Page 7: Safety Precautions

    Be sure that smoke or burning odor subsides, and then contact your dealer or the nearest Canon Customer Support help desk. If the printer is dropped or the printer casing becomes damaged, unplug the power cable from the electrical outlet.
  • Page 8 Do not disassemble or modify the printer. The printer contains high-voltage components, and there is risk of electric shock. If your printer needs internal adjustment or repair, contact your dealer or a Canon Customer Support help desk. Do not touch metal parts of the printer or the power plug during thunderstorms. Lightning strikes may produce lethal voltages within the printer.
  • Page 9 Power Connect this product only to the power source described on the product label. Be sure that your electrical distribution setup are operating within their rated limited. Connecting too many lines to the same outlet may result in fire. Check that voltage and outlet are correct before plugging in the printer. If the power cable becomes damaged (if internal wiring is exposed, etc.), immediately unplug the cable from the electrical outlet.
  • Page 10 Usage Location Do not place the printer on an unstable or tilted table or desk, as there is risk that the printer may fall and cause injury. CAUTIONS Printer Do not block the air vents on the printer. Blocking the vents may cause the inside of the printer to overheat, resulting in damage to internal components and risk of equipment failure or fire.
  • Page 11 Do not remove the paper cassette from the printer while printing is in progress. Paper moves back and forth in the cassette four times during printing. Placing your hand in the way of moving paper may result in injury. Wait for printing to finish completely before removing the cassette. Never reach your hand into the paper cassette slot.
  • Page 12 Usage Location Do not use the printer in locations that are smoky, humid, dusty, or subject to strong vibration. Entry of water or dust into the printer, or internal damage caused by strong vibration, may pose risk of fire or electric shock.
  • Page 13: Proper Usage And Handling

    Proper Usage and Handling • Unplug the printer when you are not using it. Usage Location But please note that you should plug in and run • Do not use near strong magnets or near the printer at least once every six months to devices that produce strong electromagnetic ensure that it remains functional.
  • Page 14 Cleaning the Printer • Please use only the ink cassettes and paper • Never use benzene, paint thinner, or other types specified for use by Canon. volatile solvents to clean the printer. • Allow ink cassettes and paper to reach room Volatile solvents may cause deformation or temperature before installing and using them.
  • Page 15 • Remember to remove the slack from the ink RIGHT WRONG sheet before installing the ink cassette. To take up the slack, push in the blue circle and turn it in the direction of the arrow embossed on the top of the cassette. •...
  • Page 16 • Do not overload the paper cassette. • Do not allow too many prints to accumulate in Maximum capacity is 18 sheets. Overloading the print output receptacle. the cassette may damage the printer. • Do not touch paper while it is being printed. •...
  • Page 17 Prolonged contact may cause color bleeding. • Do not store prints in hot, humid, or dusty locations or where exposed to direct sunlight. • Color change may occur over time in accordance with conditions of storage. Canon assumes no liability for color changes.
  • Page 18: Components Guide

    Components Guide Indicator DIGITAL Terminal Indicates the printer’s status. For direct connection to a • Green: Ready to print digital camera. • Flashing green: Printing in progress • Red/Flashing red: Error Ink Cassette Slot Paper Cassette Slot The ink cassette loads into The paper cassette loads into this compartment.
  • Page 19: Connecting The Camera To The Printer

    Connecting the Camera to the Printer For additional connection instructions, refer also to your Camera User Guide . Canon Digital Camera Fully charged batteries compatible with CP-10 Camera’s AC adapter* To power outlet DIGITAL connector Printer Printer’s AC adapter To power outlet...
  • Page 20: Loading The Paper

    Loading the Paper • After loading the paper, push the middle The Card Photo Printer CP-10 accepts any of cover back toward its original position until the following separately sold ink/paper sets. it clicks into place. But leave the top cover •...
  • Page 21 • Please use specified paper types only. Push the paper cassette all • Be sure to fan the paper stack (so that the the way into the paper sheets won’t stick together) before loading cassette slot, so that it clicks the paper into the cassette.
  • Page 22: Loading The Ink Cassette

    Loading the Ink Cassette Open the ink cassette Hold the cassette so that the compartment cover. embossed arrow is at the top, and insert it all the way into the compartment (in the direction of the arrow). • Be careful to avoid touching or pulling on the ink sheet when inserting the cassette.
  • Page 23 If faint stripes may appear in the print... Close the ink cassette If dust falls inside the printer, faint stripes may compartment cover. appear in the print. To remove dust, remove the ink cassette from the printer and insert the cleaner provided with the printer instead. Then put it in and out 2 or 3 times.
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    If the printer does not seem to be working properly, run through the checks below to see if you can identify and correct the problem. If you are not able to solve the problem, please call your dealer or contact a Canon Customer Support help desk for assistance. Problem...
  • Page 25 Problem Cause Correction The printer does Too much slack in the ink cassette’s Take up the slack. not print. ink sheet. The paper cassette is not pushed Load the paper cassette correctly ( all the way in. p. 19). The printer has overheated. Wait for the printer to cool down.
  • Page 26 Problem Cause Correction Print quality is not Condensation has formed within the Wait for condensation to evaporate. good. printer. Printed images are The printer is too close to a TV, Move the printer so that it is at least distorted. video game machine, or other one meter (3.3 ft.) away from the electromagnetic source.
  • Page 27: Error Messages

    Error Messages If a problem occurs while the printer is connected to the camera, the camera’s LCD monitor may display one of the messages indicated below. (If the camera is connected to a TV, the message will appear on the TV screen.) Please note that these messages do not appear on the printer itself.
  • Page 28 IN terminal, and then plug it back in. The printer should respond by automatically ejecting the jammed sheet into the print receptacle or out through the paper handling slot. If the printer fails to eject the paper, contact Canon Customer Support help desk for assistance.
  • Page 29 IN terminal, and then plug it back in. If Error the error message does not clear, contact Canon Customer Support help desk for assistance. Cannot Print! The image was taken with a Check whether the image’s size different camera, recorded in a matches the camera’s pixel capacity.
  • Page 30: Specifications

    Paper Dedicated paper (standard sheets or label Interface sheets) Signal Transfer Proprietary protocol for Paper-Feed Method Automatic feed from paper Canon cameras cassette Connection Method Dedicated cable Paper-Eject Method Sheets eject onto top of paper cassette Device Specifications Print Modes Standard (1-screen) print Operating Environment 10°...
  • Page 31: Canon Customer Support

    30-2 Shimomaruko 3-chome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo Hotline : 146-8501, Japan Tél : Télécopie : NORTH AMERICA Canon Photo Vidéo France S.A. Canon U.S.A., Inc. Support Client : Canon Customer Care Center Fax : Phone (US): 1-800-828-4040 (Available Mon. - Canon Deutschland GmbH Fri., 9 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time)
  • Page 32 Canon Luxembourg S.A. Finland Tel.: (352) 48 47 961 Canon OY Fax: (352) 48 47 96232 Puhelin: 010 54420 Fax: 010 544 4571 Canon Nederland N.V. Help Desk: 0600 0 22606 (14,80 mk/ Helpdesk: 023 - 5 681 681 min+pvm) Tel.: 023 - 5 670 123...
  • Page 33 Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. OCEANIA Wisma General Lumber, Block D, Peremba Canon Australia Pty. Ltd. Square, Saujana Resort, Section U2, 40150, Info-Line: (02) 9805 2864 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Phone: (60) 3 744 6000, (60) 3 745 0055 Canon New Zealand Ltd.
  • Page 34: Fcc Notice

    Do not make any changes or modifications to the equipment unless otherwise specified in the manual. If such changes or modifications should be made, you could be required to stop operation of the equipment. Canon U.S.A. Inc. One Canon Plaza, Lake Success, NY 11042, U.S.A. Tel No. (516) 328-5600 Canadian Radio Interference Regulations THIS CLASS B DIGITAL APPARATUS MEETS ALL REQUIREMENTS OF THE CANADIAN INTERFERENCE CAUSING EQUIPMENT REGULATIONS.
  • Page 35 CDI-M009-04C 0201Ni6.6 © 2001 CANON INC. PRINTED IN JAPAN...