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Ec Declaration Of Conformity - DeVilbiss FLG3 Operation Manual

Hvlp gravity spraygun
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Read and follow all instructions and Safety Precautions before using
The FLG Gravity Feed Spraygun Kit is approved to ATEX regulations 94/9/EC, protection level;
II 2 G X, Suitable for use in Zones 1 and 2
Important: These Sprayguns are suitable for use with both waterbased and solvent based
coating materials. The design uses EPA compliant atomising (Devilbiss Trans-Tech®)
technology to reduce overspray and improve coating efficiency. Nozzles and Needles are
manufactured in Stainless Steel. These guns are not designed for use with highly corrosive and/
or abrasive materials and if used with such materials it must be expected that the need for
cleaning and/or replacement of parts will be increased. If there is any doubt regarding the
suitability of a specific material contact your local Distributor or ITW Finishing direct.
Aircap Number

EC Declaration of Conformity

We: ITW Finishing UK, Ringwood Rd, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH11 9LH, UK, as the
manufacturer of the Spraygun model FLG3, declare, under our sole responsibility, that the
equipment to which this document relates is in conformity with the following standards or other
normative documents:
BS EN 292-1 PARTS 1 & 2: 1991, BS EN 1953: 1999; and thereby conform to the
protection requirements of Council Directive 98/37/EC relating to Machinery Safety Directive,
EN 13463-1:2001, council Directive 94/9/EC relating to Equipment and Protective
Systems intended for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres protection level II 2 GX.
This product also complies with the requirements of the EPA guidelines, PG6/34.
Transfer efficiency certificates are available on request.
ITW Finishing Systems and Products reserve the right to modify equipment specification without prior notice.
© 2003 ITW Finishing Systems and Products
Operation Manual
FLG – Gravity Feed Spraygun
this equipment
Model Part Number
Nozzle size
B. Holt, General Manager
30th June 2003

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