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Maintenance - Makita 9902 Instruction Manual

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Speed adjusting dial (Fig. 7)
For 9903, 9920 and 9404
The belt speed can be infinitely adjusted between
210 m and 440 m per minute by turning the speed
adjusting dial to a given number setting from 1 to 5.
Higher speed is obtained when the dial is turned in the
direction of number 5; lower speed is obtained when
it is turned in the direction of number 1. Select the
proper speed for the workpiece to be sanded.
The speed adjusting dial can be turned only as far as
5 and back to 1. Do not force it past 5 or 1, or the
speed adjusting function may no longer work.
Sanding operation (Fig. 8)
Hold the machine firmly with both hands. Turn the
machine on and wait until it attains full speed. Then
gently place the machine on the workpiece surface.
Keep the belt flush with the workpiece at all times and
move the machine back and forth. Never force the
machine. The weight of the machine applies
adequate pressure. Excessive pressure may cause
stalling, overheating of the motor, burning of the
workpiece and possible kickback.
Connecting to Makita vacuum cleaner or dust
Cleaner sanding operations can be performed by
connecting the belt sander to Makita vacuum cleaner
or dust collector.
When connecting to Makita vacuum cleaner (Model
406/431), an optional hose 28 mm in inner diameter is
necessary. See Fig. 9.
When connecting to Makita dust collector (Model
420/420S), the optional hose is not necessary. You
can connect the belt sander directly to the hose of the
dust collector.
Belt sander stand (optional accessory)
(Fig. 10)
The belt sander stand is handy for sanding small
workpieces or deburring workpieces.
Sanding shoe (optional accessory) (Fig. 11)
The sanding shoe readily allows you to sand work-
pieces more evenly.


Always be sure that the machine is switched off and
unplugged before carrying out any work on the
Replacement of carbon brushes (Fig. 12 & 13)
Replace carbon brushes when they are worn down to
the limit mark. Both identical carbon brushes should
be replaced at the same time.
To maintain product safety and reliability, repairs,
maintenance or adjustment should be carried out by a
Makita Authorized Service Center.


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