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Specifications; Additional Safety Rules - Makita 9902 Instruction Manual

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Table of Contents
1 Lever
2 Base
3 Adjusting knob
4 Dust spout
5 Dust bag
6 Fastener
7 Lock button


Belt size
9902 ............. 76 mm x 533 mm
9903 ............. 76 mm x 533 mm
9920 ............. 76 mm x 610 mm
9404 ............. 100 mm x 610 mm
• Due to our continuing program of research and
development, the specifications herein are subject
to change without notice.
• Note: Specifications may differ from country to
Power supply
The machine should be connected only to a power
supply of the same voltage as indicated on the
nameplate, and can only be operated on single-phase
AC supply. They are double-insulated in accordance
with European Standard and can, therefore, also be
used from sockets without earth wire.
Safety hints
For your own safety, please refer to the enclosed
safety instructions.


1. Hold machines by insulated gripping surfaces
when performing an operation where the cut-
ting machine may contact hidden wiring or its
own cord. Contact with a ''live'' wire will make
exposed metal parts of the machine ''live'' and
shock the operator.
2. Hold the machine firmly with both hands.
3. Make sure the belt is not contacting the work-
piece before the switch is turned on.
4. Keep hands away from rotating parts.
5. Do not leave the machine running. Operate the
machine only when hand-held.
6. This machine has not been waterproofed, so
do not use water on the workpiece surface.
Explanation of general view
8 Switch trigger
9 Speed adjusting dial
0 Optional hose 28 mm in inner
q Hose of vacuum cleaner
w Vacuum cleaner
Belt speed
440 m/min.
210 – 440 m/min.
210 – 440 m/min.
210 – 440 m/min.
Installing or removing abrasive belt (Fig. 1)
Always be sure that the machine is switched off and
unplugged before installing or removing the belt.
Pull the lever all the way out and install the belt over
the rollers, then return the lever to the original posi-
When installing the belt, make sure that the direction
of the arrow on the back of the belt corresponds to the
one on the machine itself. (Fig. 2)
Adjusting belt tracking (Fig. 3)
Switch on the machine and make sure that the belt is
aligned properly. If the edge of the belt extends
beyond the edge of the base or the edge of the belt
retracts more than 6 mm away from the edge of the
base, use the adjusting knob to adjust the belt track-
Dust bag (Fig. 4 & 5)
Attach the dust bag onto the dust spout. The dust
spout is tapered. When attaching the dust bag, push
it onto the dust spout firmly as far as it will go to
prevent it from coming off during operation. For the
best results, empty the dust bag when it becomes
about half full, tapping it lightly to remove as much
dust as possible.
Switch action (Fig. 6)
• Before plugging in the machine, always check to
see that the switch trigger actuates properly and
returns to the ''OFF'' position when released.
• The machine should not be in contact with the
workpiece surface when you turn the machine on or
off. Otherwise a poor sanding finish or damage of
the belt may result.
To start the machine, simply pull the trigger. Release
the trigger to stop. For continuous operation, pull the
trigger and then push in the lock button. To stop the
machine from the locked position, pull the trigger fully,
then release it.
e Belt sander stand
r Guide fence
t Sanding shoe
y Limit mark
u Brush holder cap
i Screwdriver
Overall length
Net weight
296 mm
4.3 kg
296 mm
4.3 kg
334 mm
4.5 kg
334 mm
4.7 kg


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