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White Bread - Kenwood FDP60 Instructions Manual

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white bread

use the dough tool
500g (1lb 2oz) strong white bread flour
5mls (1tsp) salt
15g (
oz) lard
15g (
oz) fresh yeast or 10mls (2tsp) dried yeast + 5mls (1tsp)
caster sugar.
300mls (11 fl oz) warm water, 100mls (3
200mls (7
fl oz) cold water
1 Dried yeast (the type that needs reconstituting): Add
the yeast and sugar to the warm water. Leave to stand for 5 - 10
minutes until frothy.
Fresh yeast: crumble into the flour
Other types of yeast: follow the manufacturer's instructions.
2 Fit the dough tool or knife blade and add the flour (with fresh
yeast if used), salt and lard. Process for a few seconds to evenly
distribute the ingredients.
3 Then with the motor running quickly pour the liquid in a steady
stream down the feed tube until the mixture forms an elastic soft
dough. This will take about 60 seconds.
4 Remove the dough, place in a bowl, cover with an oiled piece of
clingfilm or a plastic bag, and leave in a warm place for 45 - 60
minutes or until doubled in size.
5 Re-knead by hand for 2-3 minutes. Re-kneading in the bowl is
not recommended as it may cause the processor to become
unstable. Shape into a loaf or rolls and place on greased baking
trays and leave until double in size.
6 Then bake in a pre-heated oven at 230°C/450°F/Gas mark 8 for
20 - 25 minutes for the loaf or 10 - 15 minutes for bread rolls.
When ready they should sound hollow when tapped on the
fl oz) boiling water to

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Table of Contents

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