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General Cleaning And Maintenance; Care And Maintenance Of The Hob Parts - KitchenAid KHGL9010B Instructions For Use Manual


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General cleaning & maintenance
Always disconnect the hob from the electrical
power supply and wait until it cools before
cleaning and/or doing maintenance work.
In order to keep your hob in good condition, you
must keep it clean, removing any remaining food
each time you use it.
Cleaning the surface of the hob:
• the enamelled parts and the glass should be
washed with lukewarm water and a mild
cleaning product.
• Do not use harsh or corrosive products,
chloride based products or scourers.

Care and maintenance of the hob parts

The pan supports, the caps and burners can be
removed to make cleaning easier.
1. Hand wash carefully with hot water and a
neutral cleaning product making sure you
remove any ingrained dirt and ensuring that
none of the openings on the burner is
2. Rinse and dry carefully.
3. Correctly refit the burners and caps in their place.
4. Make sure when replacing the pan supports that
the area for resting the pots is centred with the
Note: in the models fitted with electrical igniter
and safety thermocouples, you have to clean the
end part very carefully to ensure they work
properly. Frequently check them and, if necessary,
• Do not steam clean.
• Do not use inflammable products.
• Do not leave acidic or alkaline based products
like vinegar, mustard, salt, sugar or lemon juice
lying on the hob.
clean with a damp cloth. Any remaining ingrained
food should be removed with a toothpick or
To avoid damaging the electrical igniter do
not use it when the burners are not in their


Table of Contents

Table of Contents