Maintenance And Cleaning; Troubleshooting - KitchenAid KHIMS 36500 Quick Reference Manual

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Maintenance and cleaning

Do not use steam cleaning equipment.
Before cleaning, make sure the cooking zones are switched off and that the
residual heat indicator ("H") is not displayed.
Do not use abrasive sponges or scouring pads as they may damage the glass�
After each use, clean the hob (when it is cool) to remove any deposits and stains from food residue�
Sugar or foods with a high sugar content can damage the hob and must be immediately removed�
Salt, sugar and sand could scratch the glass surface�
Use a soft cloth, absorbent kitchen paper or a special hob cleaner (follow the Manufacturer's
Spills of liquid in the cooking zones can cause the pots to move or vibrate�
After cleaning the hob, dry thoroughly�
The hob has been treated with a finish that makes it easy to clean and keeps the surface shiny for a long
To clean Kitchenaid hobs, follow these recommendations:
Use a soft cloth (microfibre is best) dampened with water or with everyday glass cleaning detergent.
For best results, leave a wet cloth on the glass hob surface for a few minutes�


Check that the electricity supply has not been shut off�
If you are unable to turn the hob off after using it, disconnect it from the power supply�
If alphanumeric codes appear on the display when the hob is switched on, consult the following
table for instructions�
Please note: The presence of water, liquid spilled from pots or any objects resting on any of the hob
buttons can accidentally activate or deactivate the control panel lock function�
The control panel switches
C81, C82
off because of excessively
high temperatures�
The connection voltage is
F02, F04
F01, F06, F12,
F13, F25, F34,
Disconnect the hob from the power supply� Wait a few seconds then reconnect the hob to
F35, F36, F37,
the power supply� If the problem persists, call the service centre and specify the error code
F41, F47, F58,
that appears on the display�
F61, F76
The internal temperature of
electronic parts is too high�
The sensor detects a
discrepancy between the
appliance voltage and that of
the mains supply�
Wait for the hob to cool
down before using it again�
Disconnect the hob from
the mains and check the
electrical connection�



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