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Power Probe III Instruction Manual

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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2 SUGERENCIA IMPORTANTE: Cuando active componentes, puede aumentar la vida útil del interruptor de energía de su Power Probe, accionando el interruptor y procediendo a hacer contacto entre la punta y el componente. El arco eléctrico tomara lugar en la punta en vez de en los contactos del interruptor.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Power Probe warranty ..................... Back Cover IMPORTANT TIP: When powering-up components, you can increase the life of your Power Probe switch if you first press the switch, then contact the tip to the component. The arcing will take place at the tip instead of the contacts of the switch.
  • Page 4: Hook-Up And Quick Self-Test

    (LCD) (Pantalla de Segmentos de Cristal Liquido) reflejara “0.0” (tierra/masa). Si el tono auditivo esta activado, este emitirá un tono bajo. El Power Probe esta listo para ser utilizado. Si su indicador no se ilumina, oprima el botón localizado en el costado derecho de la cubierta y realice una auto prueba rápida.
  • Page 5: Circuit Breaker

    In Power Probe Mode (Mode #1) with a the circuit breaker tripped, the LCD will display the symbol “C B”. (see page 13-14 for detail) All other functions of the PP3 are still active. This means that you can still probe a circuit and observe the voltage reading.
  • Page 6: Continuity Testing

    While the PP3 is in Power Probe Mode, and by using the Power Probe tip in connection with chassis ground or the auxiliary ground lead, continuity can be tested on wires and components attached or disconnected from the vehicle’s electrical system.
  • Page 7: Activating Components Out Of Vehicle's Electrical System

    While the PP3 is in Power Probe Mode and by using the Power Probe tip in connection with the aux- iliary ground lead, components can be activated right in your hand, thereby testing their function. Connect the negative auxiliary clip to the negative terminal or ground side of the component being tested.
  • Page 8: Testing Trailer Lights And Connections

    (ppM) eSting rAiler igHtS And onnectionS 1. Connect the PP3 to a good battery. 2. Clip the auxiliary ground clip to the trailer ground. 3. Probe the contacts at the jack and then apply voltage to them. This lets you check the func- tion and orientation of the connector and trailer lights.
  • Page 9: Activating Electrical Components In The Vehicle

    “+” se ilumina, entonces puede proseguir realizando activaciones adicionales. Si el indicador verde se apaga y en ese in- stante su cortacircuito (disyuntor) se abre (dispara/tira), el Power Probe ha sido sobrecargado. Esto puede ocurrir por las siguientes razones. • El contacto que esta probando es una conexión directa a tierra (masa) o voltaje negativo.
  • Page 10: Activating Electrical Components With Ground

    “-” se ilumina, entonces puede proseguir realizando activaciones adicionales. Si el indicador verde se apaga y en ese instante o si su cortacircuito (disyun- tor) se abre (dispara/tira), el Power Probe a sido sobrecargado. Esto puede ocurrir por las siguientes razones.
  • Page 11: Checking For Bad Ground Contacts

    (dispara/tira) Ej. Un cortacircuitos). Este es el mejor lugar para comenzar su búsqueda. Remueva el fusible abierto de su caja de fusibles. Utilice la punta de su Power Probe para activar y energizar cada contacto del fusible.
  • Page 12: Modes 1, 2, 3 (English)

    The Power Probe III has been designed to work the same as the previous Power Probe circuit testers. Using the ad- vanced features and modes is optional. However, understanding them will expand your diagnosing capabilities. The LCD display indicates voltage levels of the circuit along with an identifying symbol showing you what mode it is in. The additional features contain 5 new modes which give you specific information about how the circuit is reacting.
  • Page 13: Modes 4, 5, Chart (English)

    “Power Probe Mode” for Peak to Peak Detection and Signal Monitoring. To set the threshold level for the peak to peak detection in “Power Probe Mode”, press and hold the mode button for one second until you hear a beep.
  • Page 14: Modes 1, 2, 3 (Spanish)

    Se logra el acceso a los 5 Modos oprimiendo el botón de Modos y pasando sucesivamente por cada uno. Modo # 1 – Modo Power Probe: Mientras el PP3 se encuentre en “Modo Power Probe” y la punta del probador este flotando (no esta en contacto con un circuito) la iluminación de la pantalla (LCD) estará...
  • Page 15: Modes 4, 5, Chart (Spanish)

    ‘Hall’, mide el voltaje en retroceso (flyback voltage) de los inyectores para encontrar el problema rápidamente. Modo # 5 – Estableciendo los Limites para la Detección de Pico a Pico en el “Modo Power Probe” (Modo # 1) Este modo es utilizado únicamente para establecer los limites de voltaje en el “Modo Power Probe”...
  • Page 16: Specifications

    PP display 15Hz Square Wave 35Hz Sine Wave Power Probe Mode – Continuity to ground First level – display is enabled less than 20K Second level – green LED is enabled less than 2K – & + Peak Detector Response...
  • Page 17: Smart" Ect 2000

    “SMArt” ect 2000 i nStrUctionS Congratulations on your purchase of the “SMART” ECT 2000. You are now on the way to finding those SHORT and OPEN circuit problems with greater speed and efficiency. The advanced features of the “SMART” ECT 2000 put it above any of the others. It’s pro- grammed digital intelligence makes the unit “SMART”.
  • Page 18: The "Smart" Transmitter

    “SMArt” t rAnSMitter When the transmitter is connected and powered up, it will automatically detect for an open or a complete circuit to ground. The OPEN CIRCUIT LED indicates that the circuit is open. The SHORT CIRCUIT LED indicates that the circuit is shorted (or grounded through a compenent).
  • Page 19: Connecting The "Smart Transmitter

    “SMArt” t onnectting rAnSMitter The “SMART” transmitter has two wires, the black lead with the alligator clip and the gray lead with the twin terminal connector. The black lead must be connected to chassis ground. The gray lead with the twin terminal connector is to be used with one of the four adapters that are provided with your ECT 2000.
  • Page 20: The "Smart" Receiver

    “SMArt” r eceiver When first powered up, the “SMART” receiver will cycle through a self-test. It will beep low, high, low, high and the LEDs will alternate accordingly. The unit is now ready to receive a signal from the transmitter. The left side of the “SMART” receiver contains the reception area or pick- up side.
  • Page 21: Locking The Reception Distance

    ocking tHe eception iStAnce As you bring the receiver near the transmitting signal, the tone pulses will increase in p.p.m. (pulses per minute). When you reach the desired distance, depress the POWER/SENSITIV- ITY button to lock the reception at that distance. Moving the receiver away from your set threshold will stop the signal indication.
  • Page 22: Tracing Short Circuits

    Search this area for the short. You may find it useful to cut the wire and probe the circuit using a Power Probe circuit tester. (see “Following and locating short circuits” on page 12). or you can reconnect the transmitter directly to the circuit. This may isolate other parallel...
  • Page 23: Tracing Open Circuits

    rAcing ircUitS What is an open circuit? An open circuit is simply a circuit that does not complete a path to ground. One situation of that can be, for example, a wire that is cut or broken inside of the insulation or a loose connector.
  • Page 24: Circuit Wiggle & Flex Test

    ircUit iggle And Sometimes it may be necessary to check for intermittent connection problems. The circuit wiggle test allows you to wiggle, twist, pull, push and flex wires or connectors and observe a circuit change. The “SMART” transmitter monitors the condition of the circuit and alerts you to any change in that circuit.
  • Page 25: Other Great Products

    A Great Addition... Lead Set to your Power Probe! PPLS01 The Power Probe Lead Set fea- tures 10-gauge super flexible multi stranded wires with high current 30-amp rated, shrouded jacks & plugs, that raises the bar for Lead Sets. The 1’, 3’, and 6’...
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  • Page 28: Power Probe Warranty

    Todo unidad en garantia y de reclamo debe ser acom- pañada por copia del recibo o factura de compra. En caso de falla o unidad defectuosa escriba o llame a Power Probe o contacte al Distribuidor mas cercano.

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