Fanfold Paper Loading - Sharp MZ-80P6 Instruction Manual

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Fanfold Paper Loading
This unit can use fanfold paper from 4 inches to 10 inches wide. The printing paper is set according to
the following procedure.
STEP 1. Attach the supplied assistant guide for smooth
printing paper flow. For this purpose, insert the
tips of this assistant guide in the right and left
holes on the back of the paper feed mechanism.
Assistant guide setting
STEP 2. Incline the scale toward yourself and remove it
from the platen.
STEP 3. Pull the release lever toward you.
STEP 4. Check that the paper guide roller is in the center of
the sprocket shaft and open the right and left
covers holding the paper.
I nsert the fanfold paper between the assitant gu ide
roller and. the frame, and put it in between the
paper guide on the back of the printer mechanism.
(Note) Make adjustment for paper thickness by
shifting the adjusting lever toward you (to ­
ward to '+') as paper thickness increases.
STEP 6. When the printing paper comes out toward you,
insert the sprocket pin in the printing paper trans ­
port hole. At this time check that the printing
paper is parallel to the sprocket pin.
STEP 7. Return the paper holder cover and scale to their
original positions, loosen and raise the sprocket
lock levers on both sides toward yourself and
adjust the right/left tension and position of the
printing paper. Then return the sprocket lock levers
to their original positions and lock them.
Make sure the release lever is released (as in STEP
(Note) The scale graduation
indicates printing
position from the 1 st digit to the 80th digit
on a line. (For normal printing)
STEP 8. Replace the printer
and setting of the print ­
ing paper is fi n ished.
Pri nti ng paper setti ng (1)
Printing paper setting (2)
Printing paper setting (3)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents