Printing Paper Adjustment - Sharp MZ-80P6 Instruction Manual

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Printing Paper Adjustment
1. Printing paper placement
Place the top of the pri nti ng paper so it is located lower
than the surface of the MZ-80P6's assistant guide. Also
place the printing paper so it is parallel to the MZ-80P6
and parallel to the printing section. If this isn't done, pro­
per paper feed is not possible and the paper may jam.
Fanfold paper
Printing paper setting
2. Page top
Make a mark 77mm above perforations of the fanfold paper
and align this mark and the alignment mark (straight line
projection part) of the sprocket frame. Then printing will
start from the first line (topmost line) of the paper being
Under these conditions, this position will become the ini ­
tial printing line of each page when the power is turned on.
(When the fanfold paper used agrees with the set page
Page top
mode on the printer)
3. Adjustment for different types of printing paper
With the MZ-80P6, the space between the print head nose and the plateQ can be adjusted. Adjust
it in the following cases.
• Adjust it according to the thickness of the printing paper being used such as for copy paper, etc.
• Adjust pri nti ng pressu re when changi ng the shad i ng (I ight/dark) of the pri nted characters, etc.
Method of adjustment
Adjust the distance with the adjusting lever on the left side
of the printer mechanism.
• The space between the printer head nose and the platen
widens when the lever is pu lied toward yourself.
• The space narrows when the lever is pushed backwards.
Adjustment of distance between head nose and platen
Recommended position for adjusting lever
The adjusting lever has 7 positions. However, for ordinary
printing, set it at the following positions.
• 1 sheet of printing paper used: Step 4 (middle step)
• Copy paper
Step 7 (lowest step)
(1\Iote) If print ing becomes light when using the printer for
a long time, set the adjusting lever one step back
Adjusting lever adjusting positions
(-) and use it that way.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents