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Sharp MX-4111N Technical Handy Manual

Sharp MX-4111N Technical Handy Manual

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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    MX-4111N MX-5111N Technical Handy Guide APRIL 2015 CONTENT Product Specification EEPROM Replacement Procedure Product Options HDD Replacement Procedure Consumables MX-EB12 Mirroring Kit Initial Setup SD Card Replacement Procedure Colour Calibration Firmware & Print Driver Revision Updated Maintenance Test Simulation Operating System Support...
  • Page 2: Product Specification

    PRODUCT SPECIFICATION SHARP MX-4111N MX-5111N General Specification Original paper size: Max. A3 Printed Paper Size: Tray : A3-A5R, Bypass : A3W-A5R Standard Paper Capacity: 1,100 (500-sheet x 2, 100-sheet Multi bypass) Maximum Paper Capacity: 5600 (500-sheet x 4, 100-sheet Multi bypass, 3500 LCC)
  • Page 3 PRODUCT SPECIFICATION SHARP MX-4111N MX-5111N Printer Print Speed (Max.): 41ppm (A4), 19ppm (A3) 51ppm (A4), 23ppm (A3) PDL (Emulation): STD: PCL6, Opt: MX-PK11 (PS3), MX-PUX1 (XPS) USB2.0, 10Base-T / 100Base-TX / 1000BaseT Interface: Windows® XP* / Vista*, Windows® 7*, Windows® 8*, Windows® 8.1* Windows®...
  • Page 4: Product Options

    Hole Punch Hole Punch Hole Punch MX-AMX1 MX-UN01A / UN05A Application Integration Module Sharp OSA-Network Scanner Tool (1 / 5 license kit) MX-AMX2 MX-UN10A / UN50A Application Communication Module Sharp OSA-Network Scanner Tool (10 / 50 license kit) MX-AMX3 MX-UNHA...
  • Page 5 Sharpdesk Additional license kit (10 licenses) MX-US50 Sharpdesk Additional license kit (50 licenses) MX-USA0 Sharpdesk Additional license kit (100 licenses) MX-UN01A/05A Sharp OSA-Network Scanner Tool (1/5 license) MX-AMX2 is required. MX-UN10A/50A Sharp OSA-Network Scanner Tool (10/50 licenses) (MXPK11 is also required for Direct PDF Print).
  • Page 6: Consumables

    CONSUMABLES SHARP CONSUMABLES MX-4111N, MX-5111N Product Code Description / Contents Approx. Life MX-51GTBA Black Toner Cartridge (A4 @ 5%) MX-51GTCA Cyan Toner Cartridge (A4 @ 5%) MX-51GTMA Magenta Toner Cartridge (A4 @ 5%) MX-51GTYA Yellow Toner Cartridge (A4 @ 5%)
  • Page 7 Primary Transfer Belt Unit MX-410U2 Secondary Transfer Belt Unit For Service Rotation MX-411FU Fusing Unit (230v) for MX-4111N only MX-510FU Fusing Unit (230v) for MX-5111N only Note: The consumable life may vary, depending on the document density, temperature, humidity and machine...
  • Page 8: Initial Setup

    INITIAL SETUP SHARP DEVELOPER SET-UP Sim 25-02 Auto Developer Adjustment - Select CMYK. Toner Installation must be performed after Auto Developer Adjustment is completed. **For optimum image quality & performance, it is recommended to setup & install developer at the customer site.
  • Page 9 INITIAL SETUP SHARP PRINT IMAGE POSITION & MAGNIFICATION Automatic Adjustment:- Sim 50-28 BK MAG ADJ (Main Scan Mag). SETUP/PRINT ADJ (Lead, Offset or All). Manual Adjustment:- Sim 50-10 BK MAG (inside dimension) to 240mm. Sim 50-10 Image Off Centre Adjustment.
  • Page 10 INITIAL SETUP SHARP PERIPHERAL / OPTION CONFIGURATION FAX OPTION – MX-FX11 Sim 66-02 Fax SW Setting (Destination). Sim 66-10 Fax Memory Clear (For Extended Memory). Sim 66-39 Fax Destination Set. SADDLE FINISHER – MX-FN10, MX-FN18 Sim 03-10 Saddle Fold/Staple Position Adjustment.
  • Page 11: Colour Calibration

    COLOUR CALIBRATION SHARP Automatic Colour Calibration - FACTORY MODE Note: When adjusting colour balance before or after routine maintenance, always use the recommended paper (Mondi 90gsm or equivalent) for optimum image quality. DEFAULT COLOUR BALANCE SETTING: Sim 63-11 [for Engine]...
  • Page 12 COLOUR CALIBRATION SHARP PRINTER DENSITY CHECK: Sim 64-05 [PCL Printer] Sim 64-06 [PS Printer] SERVICE COLOUR TARGET SETTING: Sim 63-07 [for Engine] Sim 67-27 [for Printer] Scan Test Pattern to Register Custom Service Target DEFAULT SETTING (Service Mode): To return machine to “Standard” setting:-...
  • Page 13: Maintenance

    Maintenance [All] & [Colour] Counters have reached the specified limits Starting Powder: The following starting powder should be applied to the relevant consumable item during maintenance:- Starting Powder OPC Drum Primary Transfer Belt MX-4111N UKOG-0312FCZZ CKOG-0345DS51 * MX-5111N [Stearic Acid] [Yellow Toner] Note*: Kynar Powder [UKOG-0123FCZZ] can also be applied to the Primary Transfer Belt.
  • Page 14 MAINTENANCE SHARP Replacement Schedule: Description Process Section - Cyan, Magenta & Yellow: (or when the colour maintenance counter has reached the specified life). Replace Cyan, Magenta & Yellow Drum Units (MX-51GUSA x 3) or  OPC Drum (MX-51GRSA x 3) &...
  • Page 15 MAINTENANCE SHARP Description 150K Maintenance Schedule A: Process Section: In addition to Black Consumable schedule (and/or colour schedule if indicated):- Check Waste Toner Container (MX-510HB). Replace Ozone Filter Kit (MX-C31FL). Sim 24-04 Clear Ozone Filter Counter. Paper Feed & Transport: Replace Paper Dust Removal Unit (MX-310PD).
  • Page 16 MAINTENANCE SHARP 300K Maintenance Schedule C: (Cont’d) Transfer Section: Replace Primary (Image) Transfer Belt Kit (MX-510B1). Replace Primary Transfer Cleaning Blade Kit (MX-510TL). Replace Secondary Transfer Belt Kit (MX-310B2). Clean ID & Registration Sensors. Sim 24-04 Clear TC1 Belt Counter.
  • Page 17: Operating System Support

    OPERATING SYSTEM SUPPORT SHARP MX-4111N, MX-5111N Windows Client Windows Server Apple OSX MX-4111N 2008 2008R2 2012 2012R2 7, Vista 10.8 MX-5111N 10.10 10.9 32/64 32/64 32/64 32/64 Sharp Advanced     Printer Language PCL5    ...
  • Page 18: Electrical

    PCU PWB, EEPROM or following U2 trouble. DV BIAS VOLTAGE – SIMULATION 08-01 Actual Voltage Adjustment Item Mode Range MX-4111N MX-5111N Middle Speed DV Bias Voltage -450 +/- 5V 0-600 -450 +/- 5V -430 +/- 5V...
  • Page 19: Coin Vend Interface

    COIN VEND INTERFACE SHARP All MX series machines have a coin vend interface located on the PCU Main PWB. The vending device activates various signals to indicate paper sizes and operation. Connector Manufacture: JST ( Connector Type PND series Connector Part Code (Wire Side)
  • Page 20 COIN VEND INTERFACE SHARP Connector Signals Pin No. PCU PWB (CN23) + 24v CV_B/W_COPY CV_COUNT CV_START CV_CA CV_COLOUR_ COPY CV_COLOUR1 CV_STAPLE CV_COLOUR0 CV_DUPLEX CV_SIZE0 CV_SIZE1 CV_SIZE2 CV_SIZE3 Colour Signals Colour Mode (CL-COLOR1) (CL-COLOR0) Full Colour Others (Single/Two Colour) Paper Size Signals...
  • Page 21: Firmware Upgrade

    FIRMWARE UPGRADE SHARP USB Device: 1. Insert a USB memory device containing the firmware file into the main USB Port. 2. Enter Simulation 49-01. Note: “If no USB device is detected, an error message will be displayed. 3. Using the LCD screen, browse and select the updated engine firmware file (*.sfu):- 4.
  • Page 22 FIRMWARE UPGRADE SHARP 6. Firmware update progress (and remaining time) should now be displayed:- 7. Once the firmware update has completed successfully, select OK (MFP should reboot). Firmware update is complete.
  • Page 23 FIRMWARE UPGRADE SHARP Network (Web Page) 1. Open a web browser and enter the following URL :- http://ipaddress/service_login.html or http://ipaddress/service_account.html Example: Note: If User Authentication (username & password) is enabled, open the device webpage and “login” using the service username and password (as below):- 2.
  • Page 24 FIRMWARE UPGRADE SHARP 4. Click Browse to navigate to the location of the updated firmware file and select Open:- 5. Press Execute to start the firmware update. Note: Once the machine has entered “service download mode”, the update will commence and the progress will be displayed.
  • Page 25: Firmware Recovery

    FIRMWARE RECOVERY SHARP In the event of a power failure during a firmware update or when an error occurs within a section other than the boot program, the following recovery method can be performed to reinstall the ICU, SCU, PCU, FAX &...
  • Page 26 FIRMWARE RECOVERY SHARP 7. Press [OK]. – It will take approx. 1-2 minutes to read the Firm Update SFU file. Reading Data 8. After reading is completed, the firmware update (writing) Firm Update IcuM will commence. Writing Data Note: The abbreviated name/location of the firmware that is being updated will appear in the upper right corner.
  • Page 27: E-Manual Update

    E-MANUAL UPDATE SHARP 1. Using a PC, copy the E-Manual Update onto the root of a USB memory device (as shown). Note: The E-Manual firmware for MX-4111/5111N series consists of 1 file (*.UAR). 2. Insert the USB memory device into a USB port on the machine and execute Simulation 49-03 [E-MANUAL UPDATE]:- 3.
  • Page 28 E-MANUAL UPDATE SHARP 4. The current and updated version should then be displayed:- 5. Press Execute to commence upgrade. Update File Checking and a progress of the update will be displayed:- 6. Once the update is complete, press OK to exit simulation mode:-...
  • Page 29: Watermark Update

    WATERMARK UPDATE SHARP 1. Using a PC, copy the Watermark Update firmware onto the root of a USB memory device:- Caution: When copying the Watermark firmware/directories onto the USB drive, do not change the folder hierarchy or files. 2. Insert the USB memory device into a USB port on the machine and execute Simulation 49-05 [WATER MARK UPDATE]:- Note: “If no USB device is detected, an error message will be displayed.
  • Page 30 WATERMARK UPDATE SHARP 4. The current and updated version should now be displayed. Press Execute to commence upgrade:- 5. Update File Checking and a progress of the update will be displayed:- 6. Once the update is complete, press OK to exit simulation mode.
  • Page 31: Eeprom Replacement Procedure

    EEPROM HANDLING PROCEDURE SHARP WARNING: Never execute Sim16 to clear U2 trouble WITHOUT investigating the root cause of U2 trouble by using the following procedure:- 1. Ensure to follow ESD procedures (using an earth strap) while handling the PWBs as EEPROM data may become corrupted due to static charge.
  • Page 32: Hdd Replacement Procedure

    HDD REPLACEMENT PROCEDURE SHARP Most data that is stored on the HDD can be backed up and reinstalled following replacement or HDD failure. If the HDD is operating normally before replacement, backup the data and then reinstall the data onto the replacement HDD.
  • Page 33 HDD REPLACEMENT PROCEDURE SHARP HDD Replacement Procedure 1. Back up the HDD storage data before replacement:-  Use SIM56-02 or device cloning/storage backup function to backup the Address book, Image Send registration data and User authentication data to USB memory.
  • Page 34: Mx-Eb12 Mirroring Kit

    MX-EB12 MIRRORING KIT SHARP When the mirroring kit is installed, the two HDD units are named HDD1 (Mirroring HDD) and HDD2 (Standard machine HDD). The status of the Mirroring Kit is displayed by one of the following UI Icons within the operation panel:- Mirroring Kit is installed.
  • Page 35 MX-EB12 MIRRORING KIT SHARP Troubleshooting: Case Trouble Cause Advice  One HDD status Replace the HDD & perform the replacement is OK. Connection failure of the procedure of the mirroring kit HDD.  connectors and harness of the Replace the mirroring kit and perform the...
  • Page 36 MX-EB12 MIRRORING KIT SHARP HDD Replacement Procedure: Where possible, backup the HDD storage data before replacement:- • Use SIM56-02 or device cloning/storage backup function to backup the Address book, Image Send registration data and User authentication data to USB memory.
  • Page 37 MX-EB12 MIRRORING KIT SHARP 5. Execute SIM62-20 to confirm that the HDD status is displayed as HDD1/HDD2=OK/OK. 6. Power OFF the MFP device (Primary power switch) and set DIPSW1 to OFF. 7. Power ON the MFP Device 8. Clear the FAX/SCANNER image memory by executing SIM66-10:- This memory must be cleared for all models equipped with FAX/I-FAX and Network Scanner in order to keep compliance between the HDD data and the image related memory.
  • Page 38: Sd Card Replacement Procedure

    SD CARD REPLACEMENT PROCEDURE SHARP Only limited data that is stored on the SD Card can be backed up and reinstalled following replacement or SD card failure. If the SD Card is operating normally before replacement, backup the data and then reinstall the data onto the replacement SD Card.
  • Page 39 SD CARD REPLACEMENT PROCEDURE SHARP Replacement Procedure: When replacing the SD card, be sure to use the specified SD card supplied as a service part only. The firmware required for booting the MFP device must be included on the SD card that is used in this machine - Commercially available SD cards do not have this firmware data.
  • Page 40 TWAIN [WHQL] [WHQL] XPS ** [WHQL] [WHQL] Sharp UD [WHQL] [WHQL] Note: ** XPS driver supports Windows Vista only. For the latest Firmware and Print Driver version(s), please refer to the SHARP Support Website.
  • Page 41: Test Simulation

    TEST SIMULATION SHARP The following pages contain information regarding test simulations. For a detailed description for each test simulation, please refer to the MX-4111/5111N Service Manual. Simulation Entry Method: 1. Double-click the [HOME] key. (Total use quantity/Toner remaining quantity display mode screen will appear):- 2.
  • Page 42 TEST SIMULATION SHARP Scanner Self Test Toner Motor Operation & Test Scanner operations test Toner motor operation check Scanner sensor check U1 Clear / Cancel Scanner unit and control circuit check Trouble cancel (U1 trouble). DSPF Self Test Clear / Cancel SPF ageing test.
  • Page 43 TEST SIMULATION SHARP Data Counter & Clear Sensor Operation & Test Jam/trouble counter clear Main unit sensor check Paper feed counter clear Tray sensor check (main) Document feed & output counter clear Bypass Operation & Adjustment Maintenance counter clear Developer counter clear...
  • Page 44 TEST SIMULATION SHARP Process Control Data Copy & Image Density Adjustment Enable/disable half tone correction during Copy mode pseudo resolution image each job process adjustment. OPC drum position adjustment Sharpness adjustment (colour auto mode) DV bias correction level setting for Area separation recognition setting continuous print mode.
  • Page 45 TEST SIMULATION SHARP MFP Data Setting MFP Data Setting Engine soft switch setting Controller soft switch setting:- Scanner soft switch setting SW25-7 Custom Envelope size (Printer). Controller soft switch setting:- 0 = Disabled SW1-5 Auto clear function before copy 1 = Enabled...
  • Page 46 TEST SIMULATION SHARP Memory Operation & Test LCD Operation & Adjustment SDRAM read/write test (ICU) LCD touch panel adjustment result display Operation panel key input test LSU Writing Adjustment/Test Fax Control Settings & Adjustments LSU test (Polygon & BD detection check)
  • Page 47 TEST SIMULATION SHARP Printer Settings & Adjustments Scanner target of printer calibration setup (Service) Standard target of printer colour calibration (Service) Printer calibration data clear Printer screen gamma adjust. (PCL/PS) Engine maximum adjustment mode for printer Adjust low density section Printer image filter and trapping adjustment.
  • Page 48: Trouble Codes

    TROUBLE CODES SHARP PCU ROM abnormality HDD-ASIC error. SCU ROM abnormality SD Card error ACU/ACRE ROM error Shading trouble (Black correction). ACU/ACRE firmware error Shading trouble (White correction). Colour profile error CCD-ASIC communication error. Firmware discrepancy (MFP-PCU) LSU laser detection error (K).
  • Page 49 TROUBLE CODES SHARP Finisher-PCU PWB communication error. Drum phase sensor trouble (Colour) Finisher exit roller lifting operation 41cpm trouble Drum phase sensor trouble (Cyan) Finisher staple shift motor trouble. 51cpm Finisher staple operation trouble. Drum phase sensor trouble (Mag) 51cpm Finisher grip operation trouble.
  • Page 50 TROUBLE CODES SHARP Upper thermistor open (TH_UM_AD2). Power source cooling fan trouble Lower thermistor open (TH_LM). LSU cooling fan trouble Sub thermistor open (TH_US). Fusing cooling fan trouble Compensation thermistor open trouble Toner cooling fan trouble (TH_UM_AD1) Process fan trouble...
  • Page 51 TROUBLE CODES SHARP DSPF feed unit communication trouble DSPF feed unit fan trouble DSPF tray lift up trouble DSPF tray lift down trouble DSPF installation trouble PCU-Desk communication trouble Tray 1 lift motor trouble Tray 2 lift motor trouble LCC lift motor trouble...
  • Page 52: Sensor Location

    SENSOR LOCATION SHARP Sensor Location:...
  • Page 53: Jam Cause Codes

    JAM CAUSE CODES SHARP ENGINE & DESK/LCC Code Description Code Description APPD1_N APPD1 not-reached JAM POD2_S POD2 remaining JAM APPD1_S APPD1 remaining JAM POD3_N POD3 not-reached JAM APPD2_N APPD2 not-reached JAM POD3_S POD3 remaining JAM PPD1 not-reached JAM APPD2_S APPD2 remaining JAM...
  • Page 54 JAM CAUSE CODES SHARP ENGINE & DESK/LCC (Cont’d) Code Description Code Description PPD2 remaining JAM PPD2 remaining JAM PPD2_S1 PPD2_SM (Cassette 1 paper feed) (Manual feed tray paper feed) PPD2 remaining JAM Cassette 1 PPD2_S2 TRAY1 (Cassette 2 paper feed)
  • Page 55 JAM CAUSE CODES SHARP INNER FINISHER Code Description Code Description FIN_TIME FPPD1_S Finisher paper early JAM Finisher inlet port remaining JAM FPDD_S FSTPD_S Bundle exit remaining JAM Paper exit remaining JAM Finisher inlet port not reached FPPD1_N FSTPLJ Staple JAM...
  • Page 56: Repair Hints 56 Updated

    Symptom Advice Is it possible to Tandem Tandem operation is only supported with MX-4111N or MX-5111N with another MX-2610/3110/3610N and MX-4111/5111N series only. MX colour device? The maximum image size which can be uploaded to the Home Screen is 1024 x 544.
  • Page 57 Also execute Job Log & HDD optimisation where experience of the MFP webpage). available SRDM ( Sharp Remote Device Manager )gets data from the copier using SNMP . If this is disabled by using SIM 55-3 Sw. 9 , bit 5 , then SRDM cannot monitor the SRDM does not show status of copier status of the copier .
  • Page 58 REPAIR HINTS SHARP TROUBLE INDICATIONS Card Reader communication trouble. This indication is displayed if a Card Reader is not detected correctly when a Card Reader is registered on the MFP. Enter User Control – Card Type/ Card Reader Settings menu and uncheck Use IC Card for Authentication And/or de-register the Card Reader from Card Reader Device Registration menu via the operation panel.
  • Page 59 (fixed) correctly onto the frame. SHARP OSA Download an updated web module from the Sharp support website and copy it into the Sharp OSA- File name cannot be customised when Network Scanner Tool Host Installation Folder:-...
  • Page 60 SMTP Authentication: ON User Name should be same as the Reply Email Address. Note: IMAP is not supported on the current Sharp MFPs therefore only SMTP protocol can be used. The correct port for SMTP with SSL enabled is 587 for Office 365 email.
  • Page 61 REPAIR HINTS SHARP PRINT CONTROLLER Upgrade the MFP firmware to 08.20.R1 (or higher). The MFP may intermittently hang Also, there is a Microsoft Hotfix available that may (stops printing) with Rendering address this issue:- displayed within the job status, only
  • Page 62 REPAIR HINTS SHARP DATA SECURITY KIT (Cont’d) To print to a specific folder without PIN, perform the following setting changes:- 1. Settings - Security Settings - Other Settings - When printing to a specific folder Disabling of Document Filing menu:- Un tick Sharing...
  • Page 63 COP2102 Noise from the secondary transfer unit COP2099 Staple Unit & Staple Cartridge listing COP2087 Sharp Remote Device Manager [SRDM] v1.4 COP2085 Measures to prevent F1-00 error code caused by the contact failure of the MX-FN11/18 paper surface detection sensor.
  • Page 64 Countermeasure against toner dispersion within the process unit COP1957 Measures to prevent the web idle gear from locking up COP1950 Sharp Remote Device Manager [SRDM] v1.3 COP1945 Release of Pantone Look-up Table for Pantone licensed devices COP1933 Improvement against noise from the paper feed drive unit section...
  • Page 65 MX-FN10 COP1749 Rom version upgrade MX-EB11 COP1747 F1-43 trouble when power is turned on MX-FN10 COP1741 Rom version upgrade (to support MX-4111N/5111N) MX-FNX9/10/11 COP1734 IC Card reader installation guide COP1716 Rom version upgrade (including revision history) MX-FN10 COP1711 Improvement of initial operation noise...
  • Page 66 TECHNICAL BULLETIN INDEX SHARP Reference Description Model COP1657 Paper skew within Switchback Transport MX-FN10 COP1632 F1-37 trouble after replacing the Finisher Control PWB MX-FN11 COP1475 Rom version upgrade MX-FN11...
  • Page 67: Document Reference

    Information contained within this guide is subject to change without prior notice. This Handy Guide is not a substitute for the official Sharp Service manuals. It is for use by Sharp qualified service technicians with the intention of improving the efficiency of Sharp MFP Devices.
  • Page 68: Notes


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