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Acer U5220 Series User Manual page 39

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This projector provides a useful security function for the
administrator to manage the projector.
function is enabled, your must enter "Administrator
Password" first before changing the security setting.
Timeout (Min.)
Once "Security" is set to "On", you can set timeout function.
User Password
to change the "Security" setting. If the security
The factory default of "Administrator Password" is
Select "On" to enable the security function. You have to
enter password depending on the "Security Mode".
Please refer to "User Password" section for details.
If "Off" is selected, you can switch on the projector
without password.
to select timeout duration.
The range is from 10 to 990 minutes.
When time is up, the projector will request you to enter
the password again.
The factory default setting of "Timeout (Min.)" is "Off".
Once the security function is enabled, the projector will
request you to enter password when switching on the
projector. Both "User Password" and "Administrator
Password" can be accepted for this dialogue.
to set up or change "User Password".
Use the numerical keys on the remote control to set the
password and press "MENU" to confirm.
To delete the digits, Press
Enter the password again when you see "Confirm
Password" displayed.
The password should be 4~8 digits in length.
If you select "Request password only after plugging
power cord", you are requested to input the password
every time the power cord is plugged.
If you select "Always request password while projector
turns on", you are requested to input the password every
time the projector is turned on.



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