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Setting - Acer U5220 Series User Manual

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The Acer SmartPen can work in place of your regular
computer mouse. Just hold the pen in your hand, and point it
at the projected image to point, click, and drag. It gives you
more flexibility to operate your computer without standing
next to it.
Pen Function
Link Channel
Double Click Speed
For more details, see the notes following this table.
Use this function to select your desired startup screen. If you
change the setting, it will take effect when you exit the OSD
Startup Screen
To use the Acer SmartPen, select "On" to activate this
Set a channel to differentiate between projectors and
communicate with the Acer SmartPen.
Adjust the double click speed of your pen to make it
response faster or slower to meet your needs.
To pair a pen, select "Pairing" and follow the on-screen
instructions. To release a pen, select "Release" and
follow the on-screen instructions.
Displays more information about smart pen such as
battery capability and RF strength.
Acer: The default startup screen of your Acer projector.
User: Use the memorized picture from the "Screen
Capture" function.



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