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Acer U5220 Series User Manual page 38

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Use this function to customize the startup screen. To capture
the image that you want to use as the startup screen, follow
the instructions below.
Before proceeding with the following steps, make sure that
the "Keystone" is set to the default value "0", and the
"Aspect Ratio" is set to "4:3". For details, refer to the "Image"
Screen Capture
Selecting "On" enables the function and when switching
input signals, you need to press "SOURCE" on the control
Source Lock
panel or remote control, or the direct source key on the
remote control. When this function is disabled, the projector
will detect your source automatically.
Selects a preferred closed captioning mode from CC1, CC2,
CC3, CC4 (CC1 displays captions in the primary language in
Closed Caption
your area). Select "Off" to turn off the captioning feature.
This function is only available when a composite video or S-
Video input signal is selected and its system format is NTSC.
Selecting "On" enables the function. The projector can output
a VGA signal when it is in standby mode and the VGA IN (or
VGA IN 1) and VGA OUT sockets are correctly connected to the
parameters on all menus to the factory default settings.
Change the "Startup Screen" from the default setting
"Acer" to "User".
Select "Screen Capture" to customize the startup screen.
A dialog box appears to confirm the action. Choose
"Yes" to use the current image as your customized
startup screen. Choose "No" to cancel the screen capture
and exist the Onscreen Display (OSD).
A message appears stating that the screen capture is in
When the screen capture is finished, the message
disappears and the original display is shown.
Enabling this function slightly increases the standby
power consumption.
after choosing "Yes" to return the display



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