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Belling Hob Users Manual & Installation Handbook

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Table of Contents
Users Guide & Installation
Freestanding DO Induction UK
Part No 083139604 Date 08/01/2013


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Users Guide & Installation Handbook Belling Freestanding DO Induction UK Part No 083139604 Date 08/01/2013...
  • Page 2 contents & IntRoDUctIon contents WaRRanty • SAFETY Your new appliance comes with our 12-month guarantee, protecting you • USING THE PrODUcT against electrical and mechanical • clEANING breakdown. To register your appliance please call 0844 481 0182, complete • INSTAllATION INSTrUcTIONS the registration form included or register •...
  • Page 3 WaRnInG! - accessible parts become Unattended cooking on hot during use. care a hob with fat or oil can should be taken to be dangerous and may avoid touching heating result in fire. elements. children less NEVEr try to extinguish...
  • Page 4 Safety WaRnInG! - The WaRnInG! - Do not appliance must never use harsh abrasive be disconnected from cleaners or sharp the mains supply during metal scrapers to clean use, as this will seriously the oven door glass since affect the safety and they can scratch the performance, particularly surface, which may...
  • Page 5 WaRnInG! - The top on the hob surface since element gets extremely they can get hot. hot when in use, so take care to avoid touching it.
  • Page 6 Safety induction hob complies the oven as they will be hot. with the applicable EMc • Always make sure that the oven shelves are resting in the correct po- and EMF standards. sition between two runners. Do not place the oven shelves on top of the...
  • Page 7 • Never leave plastic cooking utensils • Do not use a fire extinguisher on a close or on top of the hob as these pan of oil - the force of the extin- can melt due to the warm hob. guisher can spread the fire and cre- • Never leave any cook zone on with- ate a fireball.
  • Page 8 Do not use the ceramic glass hotplate • If you use a wet paper towel to surface for storage. remove spills from a warm heating area of the hob, be careful to avoid • When cooking with fat or oil, never steam burns. leave unattended.
  • Page 9 Heat Warns you against hot surfaces but also indicates that Indictators the residual heat can be used as a temporary warm zone rest assured this hob will eventually turn its self off if Holiday Shutdown left about the induction hob ensures energy isn’t wasted.
  • Page 10 ‘on’ / ‘off’ “p” symbol. The booster function only works for a To turn the hob ‘ON’, turn the control knob for the required cook zone clockwise limited period. After 10 minutes of boost power level, the cook zone is automati- to set the cook zone to the desired power setting (1 to 9). The power display will...
  • Page 11: Pan Detection

  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    This is caused by vibration due to the pas- the cook zone is switched off, a “H” will sage of energy from the hob to the pan. be displayed in the cook zone display until On a high setting this is quite normal for the glass surface drops below approxi- certain types of saucepan.
  • Page 13 "H" Residual Heater "H" will switch off when the glass surface drops below 55 Check the installation and free air flow to the hob are as per the installation "c" Induction generator over temperature instructions, Normal operation will resume when the appliance is cooled Induction heater over temperature the product "C"...
  • Page 14 UsInG tHe HoB - InDUctIon Heater Errors & Turn the controls to the off postion and turn the power off and back on to Fault Description Alarms reset the system Turn the controls to the off postion and turn the power off and back on to...
  • Page 15 UsInG tHe GRIll - electRIc caution: accessible parts may be The speed of grilling can be controlled by hot when the grill is used - young adjusting the grill setting or by selecting a children should be kept away. higher or lower shelf position. For toast- ing, and for grilling foods such as bacon, A grill pan handle can be purchased as an sausages or steaks, use a higher shelf...
  • Page 16 UsInG tHe top oVen - electRIc (if fitted) When you are cooking keep children Preheat the oven until the indicator light away from the vicinity of the oven. switches off for the first time, this will take up to 15 minutes depending on the caution: The top element gets temperature selected.
  • Page 17 USING THE TOP OVEN - ELECTRIC (if fitted) top oVen BaKInG GUIDe cooking temperatures cooking times The temperature settings and time given in the Baking Guides are based on dishes These times are based on cooking in a made with block margarine. If soft tub preheated oven.
  • Page 18 UsInG tHe MaIn oVen - electRIc accessible parts may be Manual operation (fanned only) hot when the oven is used. The programmer must be set to manual operation before the main oven can be young children should be used. If A (Auto) is on the programmer kept away. display, return the oven to manual by pressing the up and down buttons simul- taneously Any programme which has been...
  • Page 19 UsInG tHe MaIn oVen - electRIc slow cooking ( setting or 100°c) This makes it ideal for batch baking - eg; when planning a party as all the items will • Make sure that frozen foods are thor- be cooked within the same length of time. oughly thawed before cooking.
  • Page 20 UsInG tHe MaIn oVen - electRIc There is no need to interchange dishes Be safe onto different shelves part way through Do not defrost stuffed poultry using this cooking, as with a conventional oven. method. to help the air circulate freely Do not defrost larger joints of meat and Position the shelves evenly within the poultry over 2kg/4lb using this method.
  • Page 21 UsInG tHe MaIn oVen - electRIc Note: This is a high efficiency oven, there- conventional temperatures need to be fore some adjustment will have to be converted to ‘A’ efficiency temperatures. made to conventional cooking tempera- For example, an item which would nor- tures. The table below shows conven- mally cook at a conventional temperature tional cooking temperatures, ‘A’ efficiency of 180 °c, will now cook at the ‘A’...
  • Page 22 UsInG tHe MaIn oVen - electRIc traditional fruit cakes Roast turkey It should be remembered that ovens can roasting turkey involves cooking two vary over time, therefore cooking times different types of meat - the delicate light can vary, making it difficult to be precise breast meat, which must not be allowed when baking fruit cakes.
  • Page 23 UsInG tHe MaIn oVen - electRIc Roasting guide notes: The times given in the roasting guide • When cooking stuffed meat or poultry are only approximate, because the size calculate the cooking time from the and age of the bird will influence cooking total weight of the meat plus the times as will the shape of a joint and the stuffing.
  • Page 24 UsInG tHe clocK/pRoGRaMMeR-elec( if fitted tHe alteRnatIVe pRoGRaMMeRs There are two types of programmer cov- ered in this section - push button & touch control. Both programmers have the same symbol variants & functions but may vary in their method of operation. symbols on the leD display.
  • Page 25 UsInG tHe clocK/pRoGRaMMeR-elec( if fitted setting the minute minder you are asked to enter in an end time, or when you would like the oven to switch itself off. to set the time of day • To set the Minute Minder, press the Function button once.
  • Page 26 UsInG tHe clocK/pRoGRaMMeR-elec( if fitted semi-automatic cooking For the instructions on how to use both of these functions, please see the following There are two types of semi automatic page. cooking available on this appliance. fully automatic cooking The oven must be switched on, and in use to use either of these functions success- This function incorporates both a duration fully.
  • Page 27 UsInG tHe clocK/pRoGRaMMeR-elec( if fitted seMI-aUtoMatIc cooKInG the duration method • Press the Function button twice,(1) which will skip past the Minute Minder. • The LED display will flash the word ‘dur’, (2) and the ‘A’ will flash on the left hand side of the display. • Use the Up and Down buttons to set the length of time you want to cook for.(3) This must be done within 5 seconds or the time of day will show again.
  • Page 28 UsInG tHe clocK/pRoGRaMMeR-elec( if fitted fUlly aUtoMatIc cooKInG (ex- aMple) This programming method is best suited for when a delayed start time is required. Unlike the semi automatic methods this requires both the duration and the end time to be entered. The timer will work out the start time and begin cooking.
  • Page 29 UsInG tHe clocK/pRoGRaMMeR-elec( if fitted the touch control programmer The ‘function’ icon in the centre is used for setting the minute minder & setting up the There are three touch control icons for automatic cooking - see below for details. this timer - the table below shows you what the symbols look like, depending on the model type, &...
  • Page 30 UsInG tHe clocK/pRoGRaMMeR-elec( if fitted setting the time of day semi-automatic cooking Touch & hold the centre (function) icon for Method 1 - duration (switch off after a few seconds until the ● symbol between set time period): the numbers on the LED display flashes. Touch & hold the centre (function) icon; While the ● symbol is flashing, you can the bell will flash & you will hear a beep. adjust the time of day by touching the Touch the centre (function) icon again plus & minus icons. Please note: the hours - this will skip past the minute minder &...
  • Page 31 UsInG tHe clocK/pRoGRaMMeR-elec( if fitted Use the plus & minus icons to select the To cancel the automatic programme at time the oven is required to switch off. any time, touch the plus & minus icons together. Once this is done the oven will switch itself off at the pre-selected time.
  • Page 32 cleaning General • Some foods are corrosive eg; vinegar, fruit juices and especially salt - they • It is important to clean the product can mark or damage the metal if they regularly as a build up of fat can af- are left on the surface.
  • Page 33 Cleaning ReMoVInG oVen paRts foR that it is replaced immediately. cleanInG shelf Runners Inner Door Glass (glass doors only) • Shelf runners can be removed to • The inner door glass panel can be enable you to clean them thoroughly. removed for cleaning but it must be Make sure they are cool to touch and replaced the right way up.
  • Page 34: Electric Hob

    • The ceramic hob top can be cleaned • To prime: Switch on each element in using a clean, damp cloth or kitchen turn for a short while (with no pan on paper.
  • Page 35: Levelling The Cooker

    - we recommend the use of protective gloves during installation. The cooker must have a side clearance above hob level of 90mm up to a height of 400mm. 55mm...
  • Page 36 installation connect to tHe electRIcIty sUp- Your appliance will be fitted with one of the terminal blocks below, Block A, Block B, or Block c Warning: This appliance must be earthed. This appliance is not intended to be oper- ated by means of an external timer or separate remote control system.
  • Page 37: Technical Data

    TECHNICAL DATA electRIc pRoDUcts Warning: This appliance must be earthed. electrical supply/load Databadge is located at the bottom of the 220 - 240V ~ 50Hz front frame, behind the door. • load 8935 - 10720W with ceramic Hotplate • load 9105 - 10920W with Solid Hotplate •...
  • Page 38: Customer Care

    customer care faQs duce condensation when the oven is cooling down with food inside. What parts of the appliance can be washed in a dishwasher? should the cooling fan continue to run once the appliance has been • Any enamelled parts such as the grill- switched off? pan can be cleaned in a dishwasher, as can oven shelves and shelf guides.
  • Page 39 In addition to the list of our most popular products below, we also have an exciting product De- Where used purpose scription Enables easier cleaning of your ceramic hob. All ceramic glass ceramic Hob Prevents build up of mineral deposits. Best hobs including cleaner used with ceramic Hob Scraper Kit.
  • Page 40 customer care cUstoMeR caRe cHanGInG lIGHt BUlBs (where fitted) Warning: There is a risk of electric shock, so always make sure you have turned off and unplugged your appliance before starting. Always allow the product to cool down before you change a bulb.
  • Page 41 Please keep this handbook for future reference, or for anyone else who may use the appliance.
  • Page 42 Please keep this handbook for future reference, or for anyone else who may use the appliance.
  • Page 43 Please keep this handbook for future reference, or for anyone else who may use the appliance.
  • Page 44 To contact Belling about your appliance, please call Warranty Registration 0844 481 0182 to register your appliance customer care Helpline 0844 815 3746 in case of difficulty within the UK Alternatively general, spares and service information is available from our website at Please ensure that you have the product’s model no and serial no available when you call. These can be found on the silver data label on your product which is located:...

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