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Belling CH60TX User Manual

Electric hob ceramic 60 - 70 - 90cm
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Users Guide & Installation
Belling 60 - 70 - 90cm
Hob Touch UK
Part No 082757203
Date 11.07.2012



  Summary of Contents for Belling CH60TX

  • Page 1 Users Guide & Installation Handbook Belling 60 - 70 - 90cm Hob Touch UK Part No 082757203 Date 11.07.2012...
  • Page 2 CONTENTS & INTRODUCTION CONTENTS WARRANTY Your new appliance comes with our • SAFETY 12-month guarantee, protecting you • USING THE PRODUCT against electrical and mechanical breakdown. To register your appliance • CLEANING please call 0844 481 0182, complete • INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS the registration form included or register online at the web address located on the •...
  • Page 3 SAFETY switch off the appliance WARNING! - This appliance and its and then cover fl ame accessible parts may e.g. with a lid or fi re become hot during use. blanket. To avoid burns, children WARNING! - Metallic less than 8 years of age objects such as knives, shall be kept away unless forks, spoons and lids...
  • Page 4 SAFETY General Fire Safety Advice Servicing should be carried out only by Most kitchen fi res occur when people are authorised personnel. distracted or leave things unattended, so remember: Do not spray aerosols in the vicinity of this appliance while it is in operation. If you’re called away from the hob - by the phone or someone at the door, either Do not store or use fl...
  • Page 5: Packaging Material

    SAFETY Avoiding damage to the appliance. For additional details regarding the recy- cling of this product please contact your The ceramic glass of the hob can be local government offi ce, your household damaged by objects falling onto it. Be waste disposal service or the retailer especially careful with heavy jars of food where you purchased the product.
  • Page 6: Touch Controls

  • Page 7 USING THE HOB - ELECTRIC (CERAMIC) Appyling Power To The Hob Switching On (Individual Cook Zone) Before switching on the power supply to 1, Ensure the Key lock is deactivated. the appliance, switch off any bright lights 2, Touch the On/Off Key for 1 second a (Such as a cooker hood) and ensure the beep sounds and the cook zone displays appliance is not in direct sunlight.
  • Page 8 USING THE HOB - ELECTRIC (CERAMIC) To operate the dual cook zone Auto Heat Up • Select appropriate cook zone and • Select the appropriate cook zone and increase to power level 9 set the power level as per the single zone •...
  • Page 9 USING THE HOB - ELECTRIC (CERAMIC) Timer (All Cook Zones) Refered All 4 cooking zones can be operated under Timer zone the timer independently and at the same LED’s time for up to 99 minutes. When the set Timer adjust indicator time expires the timer will beep and the cook zone will switch off automatically.
  • Page 10: Error Codes

    ERROR CODES Hob Status Codes Fault Description Action No Fault " H" will switch off when Residual Heater glass surface drops below 60 Appliance Errors & Alarms Fault Description Action Switch the power off and on, The Touch Control Error system will reset and the hob should now be working correctly Switch the power off and on,The...
  • Page 11 CLEANING ELECTRIC HOB • Scratches or dark stains on the ceramic glass that cannot be re- Ceramic glass hobs moved do not affect the function of the appliance. • It is recommended that you clean and wash the hob surface before Safety when Cleaning using for the fi...
  • Page 12: General Information

    INSTALLATION General information between hob base and appliance must be maintained. Installation should only be carried out by a qualifi ed installer or engineer. Installation above an oven Please keep to the following points most Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions carefully;...
  • Page 13 INSTALLATION Clearances and dimension – require- ments No shelf or overhang of combustible There must be a minimum clearance of material should be closer than 650mm 50mm between the rear edge of the hob above the hob. and the rear wall. This clearance must be maintained up to 650mm above the There must be a minimum clearance of worktop.
  • Page 14: Fitting Into Worktop

    INSTALLATION Fitting into worktop Recessed Method Cut a hole in the work surface to the Recess the work top to the appropriate required size. The worktop must be of depth (Approx 5mm) and shape to fi t the heat-resistant material or covered with hob (add 1mm to overall glass size).
  • Page 15 INSTALLATION Installation Bracket Advice Installation pack 2 Secure the hob to the worktop by means 4 x Cranked installation bracket of the brackets provided, taking the thick- 4 x Spire clips (70/90cm appliances only) ness of the worktop into account. 4 x No8 Screws Depending on your appliance the cranked UNDERSIDE OF HOB...
  • Page 16 INSTALLATION CONNECT TO THE ELECTRICITY • Remove the cable clamp screw and SUPPLY release the cable clamp retaining arm. WARNING: This appliance must be earthed. Only connect to the electrical Note; mains terminal with the power switched The cable clamp has a ratchet type off.
  • Page 17: Technical Data

    TECHNICAL DATA SUPPLY: 220 -240V ~ 50Hz 5.04kW - 6.4kW Refer to the data badge on the under side of your hob for specifi c power rating of your model...
  • Page 18: Customer Care

    CUSTOMER CARE CUSTOMER CARE WEB SHOP range of Bake ware and Cookware essen- tials including Roasting Pans, Cake Tins Having purchased a superior cooker, hob and Non-Stick Cooking Liners. or hood from us, you’ll naturally want to keep it looking great. And who better to For all enquires, please visit our Web help you care for it than the manufac- Shop at or...
  • Page 19 Please keep this handbook for future reference, or for anyone else who may use the appliance.
  • Page 20 CUSTOMER CARE To contact Belling about your appliance, please call Warranty Registration 0844 481 0182 to register your appliance Customer Care Helpline 0844 815 3746 in case of diffi culty within the UK Alternatively general, spares and service information is available from our website at

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