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Belling IH60 UK Users Manual & Installation Handbook

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Users Guide & Installation
Part No 082749203 Date 19/03/2013



  Summary of Contents for Belling IH60 UK

  • Page 1 Users Guide & Installation Handbook Belling IH60 UK Part No 082749203 Date 19/03/2013...
  • Page 2 contents & IntRoDUctIon contents WaRRanty • SAFETY Your new appliance comes with our 12-month guarantee, protecting you • USING THE ProDUcT against electrical and mechanical • clEANING breakdown. To register your appliance please call 0844 481 0182, complete • INSTAllATIoN INSTrUcTIoNS the registration form included or register •...
  • Page 3 Safety appliance. cleaning and BefoRe UsInG tHe pRoDUct Make sure that you have removed all user maintenance shall packaging and wrapping. Some of the not be made by children items inside this appliance may have additional wrapping. without supervision. GeneRaL WaRnInG! - WaRnInG! - The Unattended cooking on...
  • Page 4 Safety during use, as this will correctly fitted. seriously affect the WaRnInG! - There is safety and performance, a risk of electric shock, particularly in relation so always make sure to surface temperatures you have turned off becoming hot and gas and unplugged your operated parts not appliance before...
  • Page 5 Safety electrical switch. on the hob surface since they can get hot. contact your local gas supplier immediately. Ensure you switch off the appropriate cook eLectRIc InDUctIon HoB zone individually or (by WaRnInG:- the central on/off key if Unattended cooking on touch control) when you a hob can be dangerous have finished cooking,...
  • Page 6 Safety fail-safe. the pacemaker Prolonged intensive use must be designed of the appliance may call in compliance with for additional ventilation, the appropriate for example opening regulations. of a window, or more effective ventilation, caution: This appliance for example increasing is for cooking purposes the level of mechanical only.
  • Page 7 Safety the hob when you’re not damaged. around - take them off The glass ceramic can the cook zone if you get hot whilst cooking; have to leave the kitchen even though the cook even if you think it will zone itself does not only be for a moment, generate heat.
  • Page 8: Packaging Material

    Safety • Never use water on an electrical or distracted or leave things unattended, so remember: cooking oil fire. If you’re called away from the cooker - by the phone or someone at the door, either DIsposaL take pans off the heat, or switch off your packaging Material hob.
  • Page 9: Basic Control Functions

    UsInG tHe HoB - InDUctIon Before using your hob A warning will be activated and will beep every 10 seconds, to attract your atten- It is recommended that you clean and tion, please remove any objects and clean wash the hob surface before using for the the control area as appropriate.
  • Page 10: Using The Hob

    UsInG tHe HoB central on/off switch power Boost The central on/off switch enables all of the cooking zones to be switched off simultaneously at a touch of a key. Temporarily boost the power to a cook to switch on the hob zone by approx 25%, all areas can be boosted for a period of up to 10 minutes, The hob is switched on by touching...
  • Page 11: Pan Detection

    UsInG tHe HoB pan Detection electrical implant should clarify with their doctor or the producer of the implant, whether there implant is adequate and fail-safe, As soon as you lift the pan off the zone • the pacemaker must be the power is automatically reduced, help- designed in compliance with the ing to save energy.
  • Page 12: Energy Saving Tips

    UsInG tHe HoB Residual Heat Indicators smallest Recom- Induction cook mended Diameter If glass surface is above 65 c when the Zone (mm) cook zone is switched off an “H “will be displayed in the cook zone display until the glass surface drops below approx This feature not only warns you against hot surfaces but also indicates that there cookware made of enamelled steel or...
  • Page 13: Troubleshooting

    UsInG tHe HoB tRoUBLesHootInG the hob won’t work. the indicators don’t come on The hob produces a smell the first few times it is used The electricity supply is not reaching the appliance (faulty supply or connection); Heat a pan full of water on each zone for half an hour.
  • Page 14 UsInG tHe HoB appliance errors fault Description action Software Error Switch the power off and on, system should reset Safety key Error Switch the power off and on, system should reset Safety key Error Switch the power off and on, system should reset Touch Ntc Error Switch the power off and on, system should reset Touch Ntc Error...
  • Page 15: Electric Hob

    CLEANING eLectRIc HoB follow the circular grooves and avoid damaging the red spots. Make sure ceramic glass hobs that you allow the hotplate to dry before use by switching on the ele- • It is recommended that you clean ments at a low heat. and wash the hob surface before using for the first time. Apply a thin •...
  • Page 16: General Information

    installation General information Installation should only be carried out by a qualified installer or engineer. Please keep to the following points most carefully; Although every care has been taken to ensure this appliance has no burrs, or sharp edges, we recommend that you wear protective gloves when install- ing and moving this appliance.
  • Page 17 installation cHoosInG yoUR InstaLLatIon Installation above a unit with a drawer or door Make sure that the air inlets through the ventilator grids underneath the hob are An air outlet of 5mm underneath work never blocked. surface is required. If necessary, remove the front crosspiece of the unit.
  • Page 18 installation clearances and dimension – require- ments There must be a minimum clearance of No shelf or overhang of combustible 50mm between the rear edge of the hob material should be closer than 650mm and the rear wall. This clearance must above the hob.
  • Page 19: Fitting Into Worktop

    installation fitting into worktop Recessed Method cut a hole in the work surface to the recess the work top to the appropriate required size. depth (Approx 5mm) and shape to fit the hob (add 1mm to overall glass size). A clearance of at least 50mm should be Insert the hob into the recess, ensuring maintained between the cutout and any that the foam seal is sitting correctly.
  • Page 20 installation fixing Bracket advice Dealing with sides, cross-rails and back-panels in the cabinetry. Depending on the cabinets, the worktop thickness and the hob positioning, it is possible for the hob base and/or the clamp brackets to interfere with parts of the cabinet.
  • Page 21: Connect To The Electricity Supply

    installation connect to the electricity supply Terminal Block Connection (for fixed Wiring only) WaRnInG: This appliance must be earthed. only connect to the electrical mains terminal with the power switched off. The electrical mains terminal is live. Follow the terminal block connection schematic.
  • Page 22: Technical Data

    TECHNICAL DATA sInGLe pHase sUppLy: 230 -240V ~ 50Hz 6.6kW - 7.2kW 3 pHase sUppLy: 230 / 400V 3n ~ 50Hz Individual cook Zone power Ratings normal power/Boost cook Zone power Rating kW 1.5/2.0 1.2/1.6 1.5/2.0 1.2/1.6...
  • Page 23: Customer Care

    CUSTOMER CARE cUstoMeR caRe WeB sHop range of Bake ware and cookware essen- tials including roasting Pans, cake Tins Having purchased a superior cooker, hob and Non-Stick cooking liners. or hood from us, you’ll naturally want to keep it looking great. And who better to For all enquires, please visit our Web Shop at or help you care for it than the manufac-...
  • Page 24 To contact Belling about your appliance, please call Warranty Registration 0844 481 0182 to register your appliance customer care Helpline 0844 815 3746 in case of difficulty within the UK Alternatively general, spares and service information is available from our website at Please ensure that you have the product’s model no and serial no available when you call. These can be found on the silver data label on your product which is located:...

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