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Microwave Leakage Testing - Maytag ACM0720AB Service Manual

2001-2003 countertop domestic microwave ovens
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Microwave Leakage Testing

Check for radiation leakage after servicing. Should the
leakage be more than 4mW/cm
immediately. After repairing or replacing any radiation
safety device, keep a written record for future
reference, as required by D.H.H.S. and HEW
regulations. This requirement must be strictly
observed. In addition, the leakage reading must be
recorded on the service repair ticket while in the
customer's home.
• Electromagnetic radiation monitor
• 600 cc glass beaker
Procedure For Measuring Radiation
Note before measuring -
• Do not exceed meter full scale deflection. Leak
monitor should initially be set to the highest scale.
• To prevent false readings the test probe should be
held by the grip portion of the handle only.
• The scan speed is equal to one inch per antenna
revolution or one inch per second if antenna speed is
• Areas to be checked are all door seal areas and any
venting parts.
• Leakage with the outer panel removed...4mW/cm
• Leakage for fully assembled oven with door normally
closed ...4mW/cm
or less.
• Leakage for a fully assembly oven (before the latch
switch (primary) is interrupted) while pulling the door ...
or less.
1 . Pour 275 ±15 cc (9 oz ±1/2 oz) of 20 ± 5°C
(68 ± 9°F) water in a beaker which is graduated to
600 cc and place the beaker in the center of oven.
2. Set the radiation monitor to 2450 MHz and use it
following the manufacturer's recommended test
procedure to assure correct results.
3. While measuring the leakage, always use the two
inch (5 cm) spacer supplied with the probe.
4. Press the start pad or turn on the timer and with the
magnetron oscillating, measure the leakage by
holding the probe perpendicular to the surface being
inform Maytag
Measurement With the Outer Panel
Avoid contacting any high voltage components.
Whenever you replace the magnetron, measure for
radiation leakage before the outer panel is installed and
after all necessary components are replaced or
adjusted. Special care should be taken in measuring
around the magnetron.
Measurement With a Fully Assembled Oven
After all components including the outer panel are fully
assembled, measure for radiation leakage around the
door periphery, the door viewing window, the exhaust
opening, and air inlet openings.
Record Keeping and Notification After
1. After any adjustment or repair to a microwave oven,
a leakage reading must be taken. Record this
leakage reading on the repair ticket even if it is zero.
2. A copy of the repair ticket and the microwave
leakage reading should be kept by the repair facility.
©2005 Maytag Services

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