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Troubleshooting Procedures - Maytag ACM0720AB Service Manual

2001-2003 countertop domestic microwave ovens
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Troubleshooting Procedures

When you get a complaint from customers, evaluate the complaint carefully. If the following symptoms apply,
instruct the customer in the proper use of the microwave oven. This can eliminate an unnecessary service call.
• Verify proper grounding before checking for trouble.
• Be careful of the high voltage circuit.
• Discharge the high voltage capacitor.
• When checking the continuity of the switches or of the high voltage transformer, disconnect one lead wire from
these parts and then check continuity with the AC plug removed. To do otherwise may result in a false reading
or damage to your meter.
• Do not touch any part of the circuit on the printed circuit board, since static electric discharge may damage the
control panel. Always touch yourself to ground while working on this panel to discharge any static charge built
up in your body.
Microwave oven does not work.
Output power is too low.
Sparks occur.
Uneven cooking.
• Inserting many plugs into one
outlet and using them at the
same time.
(blown fuse or breaker)
• Microwave oven plug is not
inserted tightly.
• Low AC input voltage.
• Food temperature is too low.
• Using metallic ware and
allowing it to touch the oven
• Ceramic ware trimmed in gold
or silver powder is used.
• Inconsistent intensity of
microwave by their
• Avoid using other electrical
appliances when you use the
microwave oven.
• Insert microwave oven plug
• Use the microwave oven at
adequate line voltage.
• This may not be a defect. It is
possible that the food should
be cooked for a longer time
• Do not use metallic ware for
cooking except where noted in
the cooking guide.
• Do not use any type of
cookware with metallic
• Use plastic wrap or lid.
• Stir once or twice while
cooking soup, cocoa or milk,
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