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Important Product Information - Maytag ACM0720AB Service Manual

2001-2003 countertop domestic microwave ovens
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Important Product Information

Precautions to be observed before and during
servicing to avoid possible exposure to excessive
microwave energy, or electrical shock disconnect
power to oven.
(A) Do not operate or allow oven to be operated with
door open.
(B) Make the following safety checks on all ovens to
be serviced before activating the magnetron or
other microwave source, and make repairs as
• Interlock operation
• Proper door closing
• Seal and sealing surfaces (arcing, wear, and
other damage)
• Damage to or loosening of hinges and latches
• Evidence of dropping or abuse
(C) Before turning on microwave power for any
service test or inspection within the microwave
generating compartments, check the magnetron,
waveguide or transmission line, and cavity for
proper alignment, integrity, and connections.
(D) Any failed or misadjusted components in the
interlock, monitor, door seal, and microwave
generation and transmission systems shall be
repaired, replaced or adjusted by procedures
described in this manual before oven is released to
the consumer.
(E) Check microwave leakage to verify compliance with
the federal performance standard should be
performed on each oven prior to release to the
Good service practice is to never route wiring over
terminals and/or sharp edges. This applies to any
wiring without regard to the circuit voltage. Wire
insulation material and thickness is designed and
regulated for electrical spacing purpose only, but
cannot always be relied upon because of possible cuts
and/or abrasions, which can occur during servicing.
To avoid risk of electrical shock, injury, or death, make
sure these grounding instructions are followed.
Grounding Instructions
Do not remove grounding prong when installing
grounded appliance in a home or business that does
not have three wire grounding receptacle, under no
condition is grounding prong to be cut off or removed.
It is the personal responsibility of the consumer to
contact a qualified electrician and have properly
grounded three prong wall receptacle installed in
accordance with appropriate electrical codes
Should a two prong adapter plug be required
temporarily, it is the personal responsibility of the
consumer to have it replaced with properly grounded
three prong receptacle or the two prong adapter properly
grounded by a qualified electrician in accordance with
appropriate electrical codes.
Servicing of Grounded Products
The standard accepted color coding for grounding wires
ground leads are NOT to be used as current carrying
conductors. It is extremely important that the technician
replace any and all grounds prior to completion of the
service call. Under no condition should ground wire be
left off causing a potential hazard to technicians and
©2005 Maytag Services

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