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Important Safety Information - Maytag ACM0720AB Service Manual

2001-2003 countertop domestic microwave ovens
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Important Safety Information

Read the following information to avoid possible exposure to microwave radiation:
The basic design of the Maytag and Amana microwave
oven makes it an inherently safe device to both use and
service. However, there are some precautions which
should be followed when servicing the microwave oven to
maintain this safety. These are as follows:
1. Always operate the unit from an adequately grounded
outlet. Do not operate on a two-wire extension cord.
2. Before servicing the unit (if unit is operable), perform
the microwave leakage test.
3. The oven should never be operated if the door does
not fit properly against the seal, the hinges or hinge
bearings are damaged or broken; the choke is
damaged, (pieces missing, etc.); or any other visible
damage can be noted. Check the choke area to
ensure that this area is clean and free of all foreign
4. If the oven operates with the door open and
produces microwave energy, take the following
Tell the user not to operate the oven.
Contact Maytag immediately.
5. Always have the oven disconnected when the outer
case is removed except when making the "live" tests
called for in the Service Manual. Do not reach into the
equipment area while the unit is energized. Make all
connections for the test and check them for tightness
before plugging the cord into the outlet.
6. Always ground the capacitors on the magnetron filter
box and H. V. Capacitor with an insulated-handle
screwdriver before working in the high voltage area
of the equipment compartment. Some types of
failures will leave a charge in these capacitors and
the discharge could cause a reflex action which
could make you injure yourself.
©2005 Maytag Services
7. In the area of the transformer, capacitor, diode, and
magnetron there is HIGH VOLTAGE. When the unit is
operating, keep this area clean and free of anything
which could possibly cause an arc or ground, etc.
8. Do not for any reason defeat the interlock switches.
There is no valid reason for this action at any time;
nor will it be condoned by Maytag.
9. IMPORTANT: Before returning a microwave to a
customer, check for proper switch interlock action.
The primary and secondary switches MUST open
when the door is actuated. The monitor switch MUST
close at a 1/4 inch when the door is opened.
10.Before returning a microwave to a customer, verify
the door spacing is reasonably uniform along the
top, bottom, and sides, and that it measures 1/8 inch
or less.
11. The microwave oven should never be operated with:
• Any components removed and/or bypassed.
• Any of the safety interlocks failing.
• Any of the seal surfaces failing, missing, or
12.To ensure that the unit does not emit excessive
microwave leakage and to meet the Department of
Health Human Service guidelines, check the oven
for microwave leakage using Narda Model 8100,
8200, Holaday HI1500, HI1501 or Simpson 380M
leakage monitor as outlined in the instructions. The
maximum leakage level allowed is 4mW/cm
13. If servicer encounters an emission reading over
4 mW/cm
contact the Maytag Service Department immediately
for further direction. Maytag will contact the proper
Government Agency upon verification of the test
, the servicer is to cease repair and

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