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Cautions Concerning Operation; Installation Guidelines - Sharp IG-CH2E Operation Manual

Plasmacluster ion generator
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• Do not ride the main unit and do not sit on or lean it, it may cause injury or malfunction.
• DO NOT block the air intake and/or air outlet.
• DO NOT use the unit near or on hot objects, such as stoves or heaters or where it may
come into contact with steam.
• Be cautious when cleaning the unit.
Strong corrosive cleansers may damage the exterior.
• Do not use items of silicone-containing products* near the unit.
The fl uororesin or silicone could get stuck inside the unit, preventing it from producing
plasmacluster ions.
If this happens, remove dust from the needle electrode of the Plasmacluster Ion
Generating Unit. (See E-10)
* Hair care products (split end coatings, hair mousses, hair treatments, etc.), cosmetics,
antiperspirants, antistatic agents, waterproofing sprays, polishes, glass cleaners,
chemicalimpregnated clothes, wax, etc.


• Avoid using in locations where the unit is exposed to condensation or drastic
temperature changes. Appropriate room temperature is between 0-40ºC.
• Avoid locations where grease or oily smoke is generated, otherwise the main unit
surface may crack as a result.


Table of Contents

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