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Troubleshooting - KitchenAid 3405633 Use & Care Manual

Electric and gas dryers
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Common laundry problems
Slow drying or clothes still wet
Static electricity
Greasy spots/stains
Color change
Garment damage


Incorrect cycle or temperature setting selected.
Full or clogged lint screen. (See page 14.)
Exhaust vent clogged, restricted, or too long. (See pages 6-7 and
Installation Instructions.)
Dryer is not level. The clothes are not contacting the electronic
dryness sensor. (See page 10 and Installation Instructions.)
Dryer located in room with temperature below 45°F (7°C).
Load too large and bulky to dry quickly.
Drying heavy fabrics (denim, towels) with light fabrics (synthetics,
permanent press).
Fabric softener sheet blocking exhaust grill inside dryer drum.
Full lint screen. (See page 14.)
Load not properly sorted.
Overdrying, especially synthetic fabrics that cause lint-attracting
static electricity.
Load size too big or heavy.
Tissue or paper left in pockets.
Pilling (surface fuzz caused by normal wear and laundering)
attracts lint.
Dryer fabric softener improperly used. See package directions.
Load includes synthetics, synthetic blends, permanent press, and
knit fabrics that build up static electricity.
Overdrying, especially permanent press and synthetic fabrics.
Large items balling or rolling up.
Clothes left in dryer at end of cycle.
Fabric or garment is not designed for tumble drying.
Dryer settings incorrect for fabric type.
Care label directions not followed.
Dryer fabric softener improperly used. Do not add to a warm load.
Drying soiled items.
Drying dark colors with light colors.
Drying colorfast colors with noncolorfast colors.
Zippers, snaps, and hooks left open.
Strings and sashes not tied to prevent tangling.
Care label directions not followed.



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