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Checking Your Vent - KitchenAid 3405633 Use & Care Manual

Electric and gas dryers
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Your dryer must be properly installed and vented to achieve maximum drying efficiency and shorten
drying times. Use the minimum recommended installation clearances (found in your Installation
Instructions) to avoid blocking the flow of combustion and ventilation air. Install your dryer in a well-
ventilated room where the temperature is always above 45°F (7°C). Also make sure that your dryer
is leveled. Refer to your Installation Instructions for more information.
Use a heavy metal vent.
Do not use a plastic vent.
Do not use a metal foil vent.
Failure to follow these instructions can
result in death or fire.
If the dryer is not properly installed and vented, it
will not be covered under the warranty.
NOTE: Service calls caused by improper venting
will be paid for by the customer, whether it was a paid
installation or self-installed. For paid installation, call
the company that installed the vent for
1. Do not use plastic vent or flexible metal foil vent.
length requirements of vent.

Checking Your Vent

Fire Hazard
Use 4-inch heavy metal
or flexible metal vent.
Do not kink or crush
flexible metal vent. It
must be completely
extended to allow
adequate exhaust air
to flow. Check vent after
installation. Refer to
your Installation
Instructions for proper
2. Use a 4-inch exhaust hood. Smaller hoods
3. The exhaust vent can be routed up, down, left,
increase drying times.
right, or straight out the
back of the dryer. Space
requirements are listed
in your Installation



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