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KitchenAid 3405633 Use & Care Manual page 18

Electric and gas dryers
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Common dryer problems
1. Dryer will not start.
2. Lint accumulation in hood or exhaust
vent, or extended drying times.
Is the dryer door firmly closed?
Are the controls set in an On position?
Did you firmly push the Start Button?
Is the power cord plugged in?
Have you blown a fuse or tripped the
circuit breaker? Electric dryers use
2 household fuses or breakers.
Is the lint screen full?
Is the exhaust vent or outside exhaust
hood clogged with lint? Refer to the
"Venting" section on pages 6-7.
3. No heat
For gas dryers, is the valve open on the
supply line? Also, some dryers may
have an internal gas valve.
For electric dryers, have you blown a
fuse or tripped a circuit breaker?
Electric dryers use 2 household fuses
or breakers. The drum may be turning
but you may not have heat.
4. Noises
Does lint screen need to be cleaned
(lint alert)?
If the dryer hasn't been used for awhile,
there may be a thumping sound during
the first few minutes of operation.
If noises continue, call the Consumer Assistance
5. Odor
When operating a new dryer, the new electric heating
element may have an odor.
Are household chemical odors being
drawn into dryer? Proper ventilation
must be used if painting or staining near
the dryer.
NOTE: Store and use paints, varnishes, etc. away
from your dryer whenever possible.
If you still have problems, see the "Requesting
Assistance or Service" section on page 19.



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