KitchenAid KEYS677E Use & Care Manual

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PART NO. 3405630
Rev, A



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  • Page 1 Models KEYS677E, KGYS677E KEYS777E, KGYS777E PART NO. 3405630 Rev, A...
  • Page 2 KITCHENAID ®appliance! KitchenAid designs the best tools for the most important room in your house. To ensure that you enjoy many years of trouble-free operation, we developed this Use and Care Guide. It contains valuable information concerning how to operate and maintain your new appliance properly and safely. Please read it carefully.
  • Page 3 Your safety is important to us. This symbol alerts you to hazards such as fire, electrical shock, or This guide contains safety symbols and statements. other injuries. Please pay special attention to these symbols and follow any instructions given. Here is a brief explan- ation of the use of the symbol.
  • Page 4 iMPORTANT SAFETY iNSTRUCTiONS WARNING - To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons when using the dryer, follow basic precautions, including the following: -,Read all instructions before using -,Do not repair or replace any part of the the dryer.
  • Page 5 The parts and features of your dryer are illustrated on this page. Become familiar with all parts and features before using your dryer. Page references are included next to some features. Refer to those pages for more information about the features. NOTE: The drawings in this book may vary from your dryer model.
  • Page 6 Your dryer must be properly installed and vented to achieve maximum drying efficiency and shorten drying times. Install your dryer in a well-ventilated room where the temperature is always above 45°F (7°C). Also make sure that your dryer is leveled. Refer to your installation instructions for more...
  • Page 7 Venting (cont.) 4. Use the straightest path 3ossible when routing the 6. Clean exhaust vent periodically, depending on use, exhaust vent. Avoid 90 ° but at least every 2 years, turns, if possible. Allow or when installing your room when using dryer in a new location.
  • Page 8: Starting Your Dryer

    To get the best dryer results possible, you must use your dryer correctly. This section tells you how to use your dryer properly and efficiently. Starting your dryer 3. Set the Temperature selector to the recommended setting for the type of fabric being dried.
  • Page 9: Drying Tips

    Starting your dryer (cont.) 6. Push the Start Button. Stopping and restarting your dryer You can stop your dryer anytime during a cycle. To stop your dryer: Open the dryer door or turn the Cycle Control Knob to Off. NOTE: The Cycle Control Knob should point to an Off area when the dryer is not in use.
  • Page 10 Automatic cycles Your dryer has 2 Automatic cycles: Regular/Heavy • If the load is not as dry as you like, complete drying and Permanent Press. Both Automatic cycles use using the Timed Dry cycle (see next page). Select a an electronic dryness sensor control that senses the setting closer to Very Dry the next time you dry a amount of moisture in the load and shuts off the similar load.
  • Page 11: Dry Cycles

    Timed Dry cycles Use the Timed Dry cycle to complete drying if some Use the Ironing Damp feature to dry items to damp items are damp after level or to dry items that do not require an entire Automatic drying. The drying cycle.
  • Page 12 AirTumble cycle Use the unheated Air Tumble cycle for items that require drying without heat. Since this cycle has no heat, the Tem- perature selector setting will have no effect. The following chart includes examples of items that require drying without Fire Hazard heat.
  • Page 13 Using the drying rack 3. Close the door. Models KEYS777E and KGYS777E include a drying rack. On models KEYS677E and KGYS677E, you can order a drying rack by calling 1-800-422-1230, from anywhere in the U.S.A. You will hear a record- ing.
  • Page 14: Every Load Cleaning

    Proper care of your dryer can extend its life and help your dryer operate efficiently. Cleaning the lint screen Every load cleaning As needed cleaning The lint screen is located under a lid on top of the Laundry detergents and fabric softeners can cause dryer.
  • Page 15: Lint Signal

    Lint signal The lint signal (a whistle tone) indicates excessive NOTE: Clean your lint screen before each load. Do lint is present on your lint screen or it not wait for the lint signal. has a residue buildup. See page 14. A full lint screen restricts airflow and reduces drying efficiency.
  • Page 16: Changing The Drum Light

    Changing the drum light Your dryer's drum light may be one of 2 types, as shown. The dryer light automatically turns on inside the dryer drum when you open the door. Fire Hazard Replace light bulb cover before operating dryer. Failure to do so can result in death or fire.
  • Page 17 lint from inside Removing accumulated the dryer cabinet Lint can gather inside the dryer and be a fuel for fire. Lint should be removed every two to three years, or more often, depending on dryer usage. Cleaning should be done by a qualified person.
  • Page 18 lint from inside Removing accumulated the dryer cabinet (co.t.) 7. Remove 2 internal screws from front panel flanges (near top front corners). Lift front panel slightly, lifting off lower clips (see lower clip inset of illustration below). Slowly pull front panel forward, disengaging panel from drum.
  • Page 19 Most laundering problems are easily solved if you understand the cause. Check the following list for common laundry problems and the next page for common dryer problems. If you need further assistance, see "Requesting Assistance or Service" on page 21. NOTE: In the following list, the most common...
  • Page 20 Common dryer problems 3. No heat i. Dryer wiii not start. For gas dryers, is the valve open on the supply line? Also, some dryers may Is the dryer door firmly closed? have an internal gas valve. For electric dryers, have you blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker? Are the controls set in a ON position? Electric dryers use 2 household fuses...
  • Page 21 If you need to order replacement parts, we recom- build every new KITCHENAID ® appliance. To locate mend that you only use factory authorized parts. factory authorized replacement parts in your area, These parts will fit right and work right, because...
  • Page 23 This index is alphabetical. Look for the word or phrase you are interested in, then look for the page number. TOPIC PAGE TOPIC PAGE AIR TUMBLE CYCLE ..........LINE DRYING ............ASSISTANCE ............LINT Screen ..............Removal ..............AUTOMATIC CYCLES Signal ..............
  • Page 24 Repairs to parts or systems caused by unauthorized modifications made to the appliance. 6/96 KITCHENAID DOES NOT ASSUME ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so this exclusion or limitation may not apply to you.

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