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Hitachi HIT-FHD6500PC Touch User Manual page 31

65’’ interactive monitor
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Network problems
Symptom: System cannot Access the network
Check the following:
Be sure that the network driver is installed correctly. Connect the network cable properly. Check that
your system's network settings are adjusted correctly. Make sure you enter the correct user name or
password. Check that the correct network protocols and settings are activated. Consult the network
manager if your problem is not solved.
Power Management Problems
Symptom: INTERACTIVE MONITOR cannot activate its Hibernate or Sleep modes.
Check the following:
If your INTERACTIVE MONITOR is connected to another computer and is transferring data, your
system will not enter to Sleep or Hibernate modes. Be sure that your drivers, especially the graphics
driver, are installed. Activate sleep mode under power management. Check that other devices you use
in your system are supporting Hibernate and Sleep modes.
Symptom: INTERACTIVE MONITOR does not activate its Hibernate or Sleep modes on time.
Check the following:
If INTERACTIVE MONITOR is performing an operation, generally it activates its Hibernate or Sleep
modes with some delay. System will Sleep or Hibernate immediately after completing the task.
Activate sleep mode under power management.
Printing problems
Symptom: Printer is not working.
Check the following:
Be sure that the printer is powered and it is ready to function. Check that both data and power cords
are firmly and properly connected. Check that the printer driver is installed properly. Reading the
printer's manual at this point may be helpful. Check that the printer is properly activated under the
operating system.
Symptom: Printer does not print the right characters.
Check the following:
Check that its driver is properly installed and its data and power cords are properly connected.
Software Problems
Symptom: Applications don't work
Check the following:
Be sure that the application is installed properly. In case you receive any error messages, refer to the
manual provided with the application. Search the error over the internet. This will give you a general
idea about the problem.
Sound Issues
Symptom: No sound coming from INTERACTIVE MONITOR



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