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Function Description - Hitachi HIT-FHD6500PC Touch User Manual

65’’ interactive monitor
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Function Description

1) The coordinates of the touch panel and display screen should be accurately matched by calibration.
2) When will calibration be needed?
a) The first time you have installed touch panel bundled software.
b) Inconsistency occurred between the mouse and your finger action.
c) After changing the touch panel or monitor.
d) Having moved the touch panel or there is a change in monitor resolution.
Operating steps
1) Click "Calibration" on Touch Service main interface.
2) Touch the center of the calibration points shown on the screen one by one with your finger in order
below (Figure 4-6). In total, there are four calibration points. (Upper left corner→ upper right corner
→ lower right corner → lower left corner).
a) The number in the center is the countdown. When it comes to zero, you will automatically
exit the calibration without saving the result.
b) Also, you can press ESC to exit the calibration process without saving the result.



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