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Hitachi Accuvue HM-4721-D User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Hitachi Accuvue HM-4721-D

  • Page 1 COLOR MONITOR HMm4721-D/ HM-4787-D USER’S MANUAL...
  • Page 2 NOTICE WARNING This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits NOTICE are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.
  • Page 3 English...
  • Page 4 The information in this manual is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by Hitachi, Ltd. Hitachi, Ltd. assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this manual. VESA and DPMS are trademarks of the Video Electronics Standards Association.
  • Page 5 lMPORTANT SAFETY IAiSTRiJCTlOiVS The general safety information contained in this summary is for you. Specific warnings and cautions will be found throughout the manual where they apply and should be followed in each instance. WARNING : Personal danger. TERMS Warning notes indicate any condition or practice, which if not strictly observed, could result in personal injury or possible death.
  • Page 6 Blockage of ventilation slots, may cause a risk of fire or electric shock. WARNING DO NOT push any object into the monitor through cabinet slots, because it may touch dangerous voltage points or short out parts. DO NOT spill any liquid into the monitor. DO NOT insert any object into the monitor.
  • Page 7 Improper cabling, may cause injury or a risk of shock. WARNING DO NOT allow anything to rest on the power cord. DO NOT locate the monitor where persons will walk on the cord. When routing cable, try to make rounded bends rather than sharp ones that can kink the cable.
  • Page 8: Chapter 1 Introduction

    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your purchase of the Hitachi HM-4721-D / HM-4787-D color monitor. This manual tells you what you need to know to install and use the monitor. FEATURES The New Hitachi HM-4721-D/ HM-4787-D Color Monitor: A : Displays High resolution to HM-4721-D: 1600 x 1200/75Hz, I-W-4787-D : 1600 x 1200/70Hz pixels and less flicker images.
  • Page 9: Chapter 2 Installation Of Monitor

    CHAPTER 2 INSTALLATION OF MONITOR 2.1 INSTALLATION PRECAUTION Leakage flux : NOTE Keep the monitor away magnetized objects such as magnets, speakers, printers, floppy disks and so on from the monitor, or picture and purity distortion may occur. Ambient illumination : NOTE Prevent direct rays of the sun or room lighting from shining onto the CRT screen in order to prevent eye fatigue.
  • Page 10: Input Signals

    2.3 INTERFACING Improper Cable connection, may cause injury or damage to the monitor. WARNING Turn off the power before connecting any cables. INPUT SIGNALS Connect video signal cables to either of the corresponding BNC input connectors or mini D-Sub connector on the rear panel as shown in Fig. 2.1. ‘----‘----“---“--------------~-----.----------.------------------.--~-----~~------~---------------.
  • Page 11: Chapter 3 Operation

    CHAPTER 3 OPERATION 3.1 OPERATOR CONTROLS This chapter explains in detail how to operate the HM-4721-D/HM-4787-D monitor. At first, before you operate your monitor , turn on the rear main power switch of your monitor. (The position of the main power switch, see page E - 7.) This section briefly describes the functions of the switches and controls.
  • Page 12: Screen Adjustment

    3.2 SCREEN ADJUSTMENT This section describes how to adjust the display setting. The buttons on the front panel of the monitor enable you to adjust the following settings: Table 3.1 Adjustable items and Indicators Ref. ndicators Display setting Mode -- --rr Horizontal Width Vertical Centering Mode 1...
  • Page 13 3 RESET button Hold down this button for two seconds to display the default screen. facto The adjustment data values preset at the y except brightness, NOTE contrast, and rotation. After this, if you press the STORE button, the displayed data is stored in the memory.
  • Page 14 Horizontal Centering Setting 1. Select MODE 1 with the mode selection switch, and press the SELECT button until the H. CENT indicator lights up. 2. Adjust the horizontal centering by pressing the ADJUST button (+) or (-1. Horizontal Width Setting 1.
  • Page 15 Vertical Height Setting 1. Select MODE 1 with the mode selection switch, and press the SELECT button until the HEIGHT indicator lights up. 2. Adjust the vertical height pressing the ADJUST button (+) or (-) . SPC Setting 1. Select MODE 1 with the mode selection switch, and press the SELECT button until the WC indicator lights up.
  • Page 16 Color Temperature Selection Selecting a degree of whiteness color temperature is the unit for representing whiteness. Two typical color temperatures (6550K + 7MPCD and 9300K + BMPCD) are preadjusted at the factory, and the user can select one of them. Color temperature 3 allows adjustment of red, green and blue, according to the R.G.B.
  • Page 17 R.G.B. Co/or Balance Adjustment You can adjust red, green, and blue of the color temperature setting 3 in MODE 1. 1. Set the MODE selection switch to “2”, then press the SELECT button as many times as necessary until the Indicator R comes on. Indicator 3 also lights up, indicating that the color temperature 3 is adjustable.
  • Page 18 R.G.B. Color balance adjustment is available only when selecting color NOTE temperature 3 in mode 1. Color balance is preset to maximum in each color at fhe facto y. Therefore, if an attempt is made to initially adjust the color balance, or if the RESET button is pressed to go back to fhe default setting, pressing fhe (+) button cannof intens@ red, green nor blue.
  • Page 19 3.3 DATA LOCKING AND UNLOCKING New adjustment data can be stored in the memory of the monitor by pressing the STORE button. If, however, improper data is accidentally stored there, the previously stored data will be lost. This is because only one set of data can be stored with one timing signal. To prevent such an accident, you can lock new adjustment data after storing it.
  • Page 20 3.4 POWER SAVE CAPABILITY The HM-4721-D/ HM-4787-D color monitor has a power save capability that identifies particular input signals from a microcomputer and saves power consumption accordingly. There are four states of power supply: 1. On: The monitor is operating and consuming the rated power. Standby: The monitor is automatically controlled depending on the states input signals.
  • Page 21 3.5 POWER CORD SELECTION GUIDE As each country has its safety requirement, you have to prepare the AC power cord which meets the safety requirement of the country in which the monitor is used. Common power cords are shown below in Table 3.3. When purchasing the AC pomr cord, p/ease make sure thaf the cord has proper NOTE rating and meets each country’s safety requirement.
  • Page 22 3.6 SUPPLEIMENT OF PLUG & PLAY l.Plug &Play: Plug Play is function configuration of peripherals and installing & that of required drivers are executed automatically. This monitor conforms to VESA DDCl/2B standard. It brings Plug & Play by connecting to DDC ready computer that is running the corresponding operating system.
  • Page 23: Troubleshooting

    3.7 TROUBLE SHOOTING No Display image, and the power indicator is not lit. Make sure the monitor power cord connections are securely fastened. Make sure that the monitor main power switch is on. Make sure the video cord connections are securely fastened. No Disp/ay image, and the power indicator is lit.
  • Page 24: Chapter 4 Specifications

    CHAPTER 4 SPECIFICATIONS 4.1 SPECIF’ICATIONS HM-4721 -D/I-E&4787-D dodel No. Up to 1600 x 1200/75Hz <esolution (HM4721-D): Up to 1600 x 1200/70Hz (HM-4787-D): 21 inch FST (Flatter Screen Tube) Size Active Display Area 406 x 305 mm (15.98 x 12.00 inch) Typ. (max): 380 x 285 mm (14.96 x 11.22 inch) Typ.
  • Page 25: Preset Timings

    4.2 PRESET TIMINGS (HM-4721-D) (psec) IO.119 IO.158 10.203 10.323 11.219 Il.067 IO.948 SYNC 11.616 12.235 Il.837 Il.659 13.232 I’ Polarity ,” Remarks This monitur was tested fo ZHl/618 ergonomics above fimirlgs. tcsf This monitor crgowtvirs to X0-9242-3 above Tinrirrg 3. tested fcsf on (HM-4787-D)
  • Page 26 Video Timing Requirements HORIZONTAL 30 to Y5kHz (HM-4721-D) Scanning Frequency 30 to 87kHz (HM-4787-D) 0.1 to 0.4ps Front Porch less than 15% of Horizontal Period (1 /Scanning Sync Width Frequency) more than 1.15~s Back Porch more than 2.4~s (+l) Blanking Time VERTICAL to 152Hz Scanning Frequency...
  • Page 27 Hitachi, Ltd. Tokyo, Japan International Sales Division THE HITACHI ATAGO BUILDING, No. 15 –12 Nishi Shinbashi, 2 – Chome, Minato – Ku, Tokyo 105-8430, Japan. Tel: 03 35022111 HITACHI EUROPE LTD. HITACHI EUROPE S.A. Dukes Meadow 364, Kifissias Ave. & 1, Delfon Str.

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