Hitachi HIT-FHD6500PC Touch User Manual

Hitachi HIT-FHD6500PC Touch User Manual

65’’ interactive monitor


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HIT-FHD6500PC Touch



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  Summary of Contents for Hitachi HIT-FHD6500PC Touch

  • Page 1 65’’ INTERACTIVE MONITOR HIT-FHD6500PC Touch...
  • Page 2 Packing List  1x65” Interactive Monitor with PC  1x65” Interactive Monitor Wall Mount  Accessories Box  User Manual  Quick Start Quide for Windows 8  1xStylus  1xWifi Antenna  1x1500mm HDMI Cable  1xRemote Control  1xBattery for Remote Control...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents NOTE ................................ 3 System Features ............................4 INTRODUCTION ............................5 Signs used in this manual ........................6 Temperature & Fire ..........................7 Do not expose your “INTERACTIVE MONITOR " close to fire or high heat sources“ ......7 Lightning ..............................7 Servicing ..............................
  • Page 4: Note

    NOTE Depending on the product’s model you have bought, the appearance of your “Interactive Monitor” may not be the same with the one displayed in this manual.
  • Page 5: System Features

    System Features Operating System Windows 8 Processor Intel® Core™ İ3 Processor 2310M (3 MB Intel® Smart Cache, 2.1 GHz) Chipset Intel® HM65 Express Chipset Graphics Controller Intel® HD Graphics 3000 Memory 1 x DDR3 So-Dimm 4GB (support up to 8GB) Data Storage 2.5”...
  • Page 6: Introduction

    INTRODUCTION This instruction manual is intended to help you operate your " " in a proper INTERACTIVE MONITOR way and get a better performance. Introduction to your “ ” Chapter 1 INTERACTIVE MONITOR Using your “ ”. Instructions for using the and its functions. Chapter 2 INTERACTIVE MONITOR Chapter 3...
  • Page 7: Signs Used In This Manual

    Signs used in this manual Some words and phrases are written in a different format to get your attention. Note: It is being used to put emphasis on useful information and critical points regarding the product. Important! injury and damage Important instructions are to be read carefully in order to prevent any to yourself, to stored...
  • Page 8: Temperature & Fire

    Cleaning Important! Disconnect your product from the power supply before cleaning it. Do not clean your “ ” while it is switched on. Use a soft and damp cloth to clean INTERACTIVE MONITOR the surface of product. Do not use chemical cleaners to clean the screen. Do not apply cleanser directly on your computer.
  • Page 9: Chapter 1

    CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION TO “INTERACTIVE MONITOR” Congratulations for buying our INTERACTIVE MONITOR 65” product! We believe that you will be extremely satisfied with this product and hope that you will have pleasant and productive times with your INTERACTIVE MONITOR. Your INTERACTIVE MONITOR provides a modern design that is compatible with most working conditions by combining a 65”...
  • Page 10: Chapter 2

    CHAPTER 2: USING YOUR “INTERACTIVE MONITOR” INSTRUCTIONS ON USING THE PRODUCT AND ITS FUNCTIONS. Turning your “INTERACTIVE MONITOR” on and off • Turning on the system Hold down your product’s power button for a little while after you check that its AC cable is connected to the power supply.
  • Page 11 Touch Screen 65” touch screen with 4-touch feature and infrared technology. Usage of Touch Screen with External PC Touch screen is operating with integrated PC. If you want to use touch screen when you connect an external PC to your “INTERACTIVE MONITOR” via VGA or HDMI inputs, you should connect the external PC to your “...
  • Page 12: Sound In "Interactive Monitor

    Sound in “ ” INTERACTIVE MONITOR Important! Install the sound drivers included in your system before using the sound function of your “ ”. In case of any sound distortions during recording, please decrease INTERACTIVE MONITOR microphone volume. “ ” sound function includes the following: INTERACTIVE MONITOR ...
  • Page 13 Battery Replacement Instructions...
  • Page 14 Important! When battery of the remote controller is empty, the battery should be replaced with a new same type battery. The battery type is CR2025.
  • Page 15: Operating System

    Operating System “ ” is bundled with Windows 8. Selections and language may vary with INTERACTIVE MONITOR respect to the region of sale. Hardware and software support may vary with respect to the installed operating system. System instabilities and incompatibilities arising from operating systems are not warranted.
  • Page 16 Important! First of all, you should install the “Chipset” and “Graphics” drivers. After these two installations, you can install other devices’ drivers. An external ODD (Optical Disk Driver) is needed to install the drivers from Driver CD. Otherwise you can use the drivers in HDD index D. If you don’t install any driver, related device will have exclamation in Device Manager.
  • Page 17 Resolution at “ ” INTERACTIVE MONITOR Resolution can be set with two different ways.  From Operating System; Right click with your mouse on desktop and choose “Screen resolution”. Then set your resolution. (1920x1080 recommended)
  • Page 18  From Graphics Control Panel; Important! If you want to use Graphics Control Panel to set the resolution, scaling must be “Maintain Display Scaling”.
  • Page 19: Using The Network Function

    Using the network function Connection to LAN Your “ ” product has a 10/100/1000 Mbps integrated LAN module and it INTERACTIVE MONITOR connects your computer to other computers on the network. It supports a data transfer rate up to 1000 Mbps. The integrated network module is accompanied by a RJ-45 connector. Wireless Network Connection Wireless network connection, which enables users to connect wireless networks, provides great convenience for data transfer.
  • Page 20 System Recovery Push F8 button on keyboard to enter the system recovery section while your system is starting. Continue with Repair Your Computer choice as shown below.
  • Page 21 Accesing BiosScreen  Click “Settings”  Select “Change PC Settings”  PC Settings  Select “General” category  Click “Restart” button under “Advanced startup”  Under “Choose an option” category  Click Troubleshoot  Under “Advanced Options” category  Click UEFI Firmware Settings ...
  • Page 22: Function Description

     CALIBRATING THE TOUCH SCREEN Function Description 1) The coordinates of the touch panel and display screen should be accurately matched by calibration. 2) When will calibration be needed? a) The first time you have installed touch panel bundled software. b) Inconsistency occurred between the mouse and your finger action.
  • Page 23 3) Having touched the four calibration points, a dialogue box will pop up. Click "Yes" to save the calibration data and "No" not to. If you don’t click yes or no within 10s, you will automatically exit the calibration process without saving the data.
  • Page 24: Chapter 3

    CHAPTER 3: Power Management In this section, we will describe how you may use your power settings in most effective way. Please read carefully the power management instructions below. This will ensure security and best performance of your system. Following titles are covered under this section: ...
  • Page 25: Critical Points For Power Saving

    Note: For more information about power management configuration, please refer to the relevant operating system’s support pages. Critical points for power saving You may do the following to provide some additional power saving apart from your “INTERACTIVE MONITOR’s” automatic power saving: ...
  • Page 26: Chapter 4

    CHAPTER 4: ADDING OTHER DEVICES TO YOUR “INTERACTIVE MONITOR”. Adding peripheral units to your product You can increase your “INTERACTIVE MONITOR” efficiency by adding peripheral units. Please read the instruction manuals of these peripheral units provided by their manufacturers while using them. In this section, installation of the following devices is described: ...
  • Page 27: Chapter 5

    CHAPTER 5: SYSTEM BIOS INFORMATION Effective usage of BIOS ’s integrated software will be described. In this section, issues regarding INTERACTIVE MONITOR BIOS (Basic Input Output System) software set, which is very critical for your product, is stored in a chip on the motherboard. With this software, your system will be prepared in coordination by tuning your hardware with the selected operating system.
  • Page 28 Aptio Setup Utility - Copyright © 2011 American Megatrends,Inc. Main Advanced Chipset Boot Security Save& Exit BIOS Information BIOS Version HM65_0502 02/05/2012 System Language [English] System Date [Thu 10/05/2012] System Time [09:36:59] Select Screen Select Item Enter: Select +/-: Change Opt. F1 General Help F2 Previous Values F3 Optimized Defaults...
  • Page 29 CHAPTER 6: USING YOUR “INTERACTIVE MONITOR” PRODUCT MORE EFFECTIVELY Paying attention to the following points with respect to your INTERACTIVE MONITOR will provide a stable performance and also prolong its life. Following titles are covered under this section:  Ensuring security of your “INTERACTIVE MONITOR” ...
  • Page 30 TROUBLESHOOTING Some troubleshooting issues are mentioned in this chapter under the following titles:  Points to be checked first  Frequently asked questions  Restarting your system Points to be checked first When a problem occurs, it is very important to diagnose this problem correctly. Try to find out what it is.
  • Page 31 Network problems Symptom: System cannot Access the network Check the following: Be sure that the network driver is installed correctly. Connect the network cable properly. Check that your system’s network settings are adjusted correctly. Make sure you enter the correct user name or password.
  • Page 32 Check the following: Be sure that sound volume is not low and sound is not muted. Ensure that the sound driver and its application are installed properly. Check that your product is not in Hibernate mode. Check cable connections in case you use an external speaker. Symptom: Recording function is not working Check the following: Adjust playback and recording volume.
  • Page 33: Chapter 8

  • Page 36 To avoid potential injury it is advisable to have assistance from another person to carry out this installation.  Hitachi assumes absolutely no responsibility for injuries or damage that may occur due to improper installation and handling. Safety Precautions Please read the following recommended safety precautions carefully for your safety.
  • Page 37 DON’T listen to headphones at high volume as such use can permanently damage your hearing. ************** DON’T continue to operate the equipment if you are in any doubt about it working normally, or if it is damaged in any way - switch off, withdraw the mains plug and consult your dealer. Information for users in the EU The mark on the side is in compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive 2002/96/EC (WEEE).
  • Page 39 Manufacturer: Hitachi Europe Ltd., Whitebrook Park, Lower Cookham Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 8YA U.K.