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Chapter 1 - Hitachi HIT-FHD6500PC Touch User Manual

65’’ interactive monitor
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Congratulations for buying our INTERACTIVE MONITOR 65" product!
We believe that you will be extremely satisfied with this product and hope that you will have pleasant
and productive times with your INTERACTIVE MONITOR.
Your INTERACTIVE MONITOR provides a modern design that is compatible with most working
conditions by combining a 65" TFT-LCD monitor, touch screen and a desktop computer.
Since all essential components that comprise your INTERACTIVE MONITOR are all together, it is
easy to use and user-friendly. In addition to being compact, it also supports many functional features.
Some of these are; USB ports compatible with USB 2.0 and high quality speakers.
Your INTERACTIVE MONITOR enables you to connect to wireless networks and internet without need
for any other equipment with its built-in wireless LAN adapter
Your INTERACTIVE MONITOR provides you a stunning graphical experience with high performance
by providing hardware acceleration support for DirectX 10 and high definition videos with its Intel
HD3000 graphics chipset
Information here is only for reference purposes, the INTERACTIVE MONITOR you
have bought may have some differences from the definitions and images in this manual.
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