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Hitachi HIT-FHD6500PC Touch User Manual page 29

65’’ interactive monitor
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Paying attention to the following points with respect to your INTERACTIVE MONITOR will provide a
stable performance and also prolong its life. Following titles are covered under this section:
Ensuring security of your "INTERACTIVE MONITOR"
Daily care of your product
Ensuring security of your "INTERACTIVE MONITOR"
The methods described here will help you protect your computer and your data.
Using anti-virus software.
Especially after internet and e-mail became used widespread, the computers are now harmed easily
by viruses. It is essential and recommended to use anti-virus software in order to prevent this harm.
You can use a standard key lock and a security cable to prevent your INTERACTIVE MONITOR from
getting stolen and key lock can be obtained from a computer store. Wrap the cable on a fixed, durable
object and connect it to the back of your product and turn the key of the Kensington key lock.
Daily Care
Environmental Factors
Ambient temperature must be between 10°C - 35°C while your INTERACTIVE MONITOR is running.
Do not directly expose your INTERACTIVE MONITOR to humidity, high temperature, fire, direct sun
light and dust while using it. The vent holes of your INTERACTIVE MONITOR will allow it perform
safer without system overheating. Do not cover these holes or do not prevent air flow with an object.
Position your INTERACTIVE MONITOR at least 15 cm away from strong magnetic field generating
electrical devices such as TV, refrigerator or large speakers. Do not suddenly take your product from a
cold environment and suddenly put it in a warm environment. A sudden temperature change of 10°C
may cause some of the internal parts to malfunction. Do not put your product on an uneven surface.
General points
Do not put heavy objects on your INTERACTIVE MONITOR. The screen is extremely sensitive and
may be damaged.
Never use hard cleaning materials on your screen. Do not touch it with your fingertips or objects like a
Do not disable the "backlight" setting from power management. Its automatic turn off is one of the
factors ensuring its long-life.
Points to be taken into consideration while cleaning the product
Your system must be turned off while cleaning your INTERACTIVE MONITOR. Please use a soft and
damp piece of cloth for cleaning its surface. Do not use chemical cleansers to clean the screen. Do not
directly apply the cleaning material on your computer.



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