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Virtual Modes - Kenwood VRS-7100 Instruction Manual

Audio video surround receiver
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Ambience effects
Dolby Virtual Speaker
The Dolby Virtual Speaker features a virtual surround sound field.
This implements an effect as if there are multiple speakers in the
listening room.
Dolby Headphone
When headphones are used in music listening, the audio of the left (or
right) channel reaches only the left (or right) year so the listener cannot
feel the presence of acoustic images on the front.
The Dolby Headphone simulates a virtual room and include its
acoustic characteristics in the left and right headphone signals. As a
result, the listener can hear the same components as in speaker
listening through the left and right years and therefore feel as if the
sound source is located on the front of the listener.
Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. "Dolby", "Pro
Logic", "Surround EX" and the double-D symbol are trademarks of
Dolby Laboratories.
"DTS", "DTS-ES Extended Surround",
"Neo:6" and "DTS 96/24" are trademarks
of Digital Theater Systems, Inc.

Virtual modes

The following modes allow you to enjoy powerful surround audio even
when you use only two speakers or listen through headphones.
÷ In the Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphone modes, only the listen
modes for 2 channels can be selected. Also, the desired listen mode may
be unable to be selected depending on the reproduced signals. ‚
How to set the Dolby Virtual Speaker mode
(when not using headphones):
Press the Dolby Virtual key for the following selections:
1 "DVS WIDE" :
The virtual surround effect can be
given added expansion and spatial
2 "DVS REF" : *
Standard setting.
3 "DVS OFF" : Cancel
* This mode can be selected only when the surround speaker
setting is OFF.
How to set the Dolby Headphone mode
(when using headphones):
Press the Dolby Virtual key for the following selections:
1 "DH 1": Small, acoustically dry room.
2 "DH 2": More lively room than "DH 1".
3 "DH 3": Larger room than "DH 1" for
enhanced feelings of distance and
sound diffusion effect.
4 "OFF": Cancel
÷ The Dolby Virtual Speaker or Dolby Headphone mode is defeated when
the DUAL SOURCE mode or REC MODE is ON.
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