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When using an electrical machine, basic safety
precautions should always be followed, including the
Read all instructions before using this sewing computer.
When the sewing computer is not in use, it should be
disconnected from the electricity supply by removing the
plug from the outlet.
To reduce the risk of electric shock:
1. A sewing computer should never be left unattended
when plugged in.
2. Always unplug this sewing computer from the electric
outlet immediately after using and before cleaning.
To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric shock or injury to
1. Do not allow to be used as a toy. Close attention
is necessary when this sewing computer is used by or
near children.
2. Use the sewing computer only for its intended use as
described in this manual. Use only attachments
recommended by the manufacturer as contained in
this manual.
3. Never operate this sewing computer if
· it has a damaged cord or plug
· it is not working properly
· it has been dropped or damaged
· it has fallen into water
Return the sewing computer to the nearest autho-
rized BERNINA dealer or service centre for examina-
tion, repair, electrical or mechanical adjustment.
4. Never operate the sewing computer with any air
openings blocked. Keep ventilation openings of
the sewing computer and foot control free from
accumulation of lint, dust and loose cloth.
5. Keep fingers away from all moving parts. Special
care is required around the sewing needle.
6. Always use the BERNINA original stitch plate.
The wrong plate can cause the needle to break.
7. Do not use bent needles.
8. Do not pull or push fabric while stitching. It may
deflect the needle causing it to break.
008904.55.04_EMB_0401_a165 a170 a180_EN
9. Turn power switch to «0" when making any adjust-
ments in the needle area, such as threading or chang-
ing the needle, threading the bobbin or changing
the presser foot.
10. Always unplug the sewing computer from the electri-
cal outlet when removing covers, lubricating or when
making any other user servicing adjustments men-
tioned in this instruction manual.
11. Never drop or insert any object into any opening.
12. Do not use outdoors.
13. Do not operate where aerosol (spray) products are
being used or where oxygen is being administered.
14. Before disconnecting, turn all controls to the off («0")
position then remove the plug from the outlet.
15. Do not unplug by pulling on the cord but grasp the
plug before pulling.
16. No responsibility will be taken for any damage caused
as the result of misuse of the sewing and embroidery
17. Under no circumstances should the sewing computer
be left unattended when using the embroidery
18. For the protection of the electronic components: Do
not remove the embroidery card from the embroidery
module while embroidering.
In a double-insulated product, two systems of insulation
are provided instead of grounding. No grounding means
is provided on a double-insulated product nor should a
means for grounding be added to the product. Servicing
a double-insulated product requires extreme care and
knowledge of the system and should only be done by
qualified service personnel. Replacement parts for a
double-insulated product must be identical to those
parts in the product. A double insulated product is
marked with the words «DOUBLE INSULATION" or
The symbol
may also be marked on the product.
This sewing and embroidery computer is intended for
household use only.
Safety Instructions


   Summary of Contents for Bernina Artista 165

  • Page 1: Important Safety Instructions

    In a double-insulated product, two systems of insulation Return the sewing computer to the nearest autho- are provided instead of grounding. No grounding means rized BERNINA dealer or service centre for examina- is provided on a double-insulated product nor should a tion, repair, electrical or mechanical adjustment.
  • Page 2 In addition, a wide range of sewing accessories, together with sewing publications family” full of practical and creative ideas, add to the joy of sewing the BERNINA way. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you into the BERNINA family.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety instructions Foreword Details of the embroidery module Standard and optional accessories (artista 165/170/180) 6–7 Connecting the embroidery module 8–14 General operating instructions 15–16 Messages 17–18 Embroidery stabilizers 18–19 Hooping the Fabric Attaching/removing the hoops Adjusting the hoops Coding the hoops 20–21...
  • Page 4: Details Of The Embroidery Module

    Details Details of the embroidery module View from the front View from the back Embroidery surface Embroidery arm Embroidery hoop connection Accessory box Connecting lug right Connecting lug center Sewing computer connection cable Cable holder Embroidery card slot Embroidery card ejection button View from the left side 008904.55.04_EMB_0401_a165 a170 a180_EN...
  • Page 5: Standard And Optional Accessories (artista 165/170/180)

    Details Standard and optional accessories (artista 165/170/180) 2MB (165) Standard accessories - Large embroidery hoop and template (200 mm x 155 mm) - Medium embroidery hoop and template (130 mm x 100 mm) - Embroidery presser foot no. 15 - Embroidery module bag...
  • Page 6 Connecting the embroidery module Attaching the module to the sewing computer Attaching the module to the sewing computer · turn the sewing computer off · remove the accessory box from the sewing computer · place the module on the sewing computer behind the free arm ·...
  • Page 7: Connecting The Embroidery Module

    Connecting the embroidery module Connecting the adapter for free arm embroidery (optinal ass.) The adapter is used for embroidering tubular items (sleeves, trousers, socks, etc.) on the free arm of the sewing computer. Attaching the adapter to the sewing computer ·...
  • Page 8 General operating instructions Preparing the sewing computer for embroidery Presser foot no. 15 for embroidery · attach the embroidery foot no. 15 · raise the presser foot so that the embroidery hoop can be attached Needles for embroidery Note: · use a size 80 or 90 needle, For more information on Needles see depending on the thread Instruction Manual pages 65–66...
  • Page 9: General Operating Instructions

    Adjustments for difficult or unusual fabrics can be made if necessary. The artista 165 and artista 170 have manually adjusted thread tension. The tension should be set to bet- ween 4 and 6 for all embroidery. Adjustments for difficult or unusual fabrics can be made if necessary.
  • Page 10 General operating instructions Menu To activate the embroidery card · the main menu appears with 2 · touch the embroidery card symbol options: (teddy bear) · embroidery module · this activates the motifs on the card · embroidery card in use (only when a card has been inserted) To activate the embroidery module ·...
  • Page 11: Embroidery Functions

    General operating instructions Embroidery functions Starting embroidery with the quick · the sewing computer does about reverse button on the head frame 6 stitches, then stops, so that you · start by pressing the quick reverse can cut the thread tails button on the frame head (approx.
  • Page 12 General operating instructions Memory · press external “mem” button · a special memory screen opens · Single motifs or combinations can be saved, opened or deleted Start* · the embroidery hoop is brought · found in layout 1 into the start position, i.e. into the ·...
  • Page 13 General operating instructions Directional Arrows* · found in layout 1 · touch an arrow · the activated motif will be moved in the direction selected · touch center to reposition the motif in the center of the hoop Hoop relocater* ·...
  • Page 14 General operating instructions Adjust the density · the center field shows the adjust- · found in layout 2 ment in percent · touch the left field · touch center to return the motif to · this increases the stitch density its basic setting (more stitches) ·...
  • Page 15: Messages

    Messages Messages The following messages may appear on the screen of of the messages pertaining to the embroidery module the artista sewing computer during certain operations. (see the sewing computer instruction manual for They are reminders, warnings, or confirmations about messages that pertain to the sewing computer) and the the features and functions being selected.
  • Page 16 · touch “esc” to return to the previous screen. Please insert a BERNINA blank card. · appears when the store function has been selected and there is no card inserted into the embroidery module.
  • Page 17: Embroidery Stabilizers

    Embroidery stabilizers Embroidery stabilizers Perfect embroidery should lie ab- Embroidery on a single layer of fabric solutely flat on the fabric without is not recommended. The fabric pulling or puckering. The best way tends to pucker and the edges of the to achieve this, especially when embroidery start to wave after being embroidering large motifs or embroi-...
  • Page 18: Hooping The Fabric

    Embroidery template · place the template in the inner · there is a template for each hoop so that the word BERNINA is embroidery hoop at the front (by the arrows) and can · the embroidery surface is marked in...
  • Page 19: Adjusting The Hoops

    Embroidery hoops Attaching the embroidery hoop Needle and presser foot · raise the needle and presser foot · hold the hoop with the right side of the fabric facing up and the attaching mechanism to the left · pass it under the presser foot Attaching the hoop Removing the hoop ·...
  • Page 20 Embroidery Hoops/Embroidering motifs, letters, and numbers Hoop coding The artista embroidery module can let you know if a different size needs check to see which embroidery hoop to be used for the motif selected. is on the embroidery module and will Starting the motif ·...
  • Page 21: Embroidering Motifs, Letters And Numbers

    Embroidering motifs, letters, and numbers Letters · it appears to the right of the · the letters of the selected style previous one in the memory bar appear on the screen · touch “del” to delete the last entry · scroll to view all letters and ·...
  • Page 22: Starting To Embroider

    Starting to embroider/Motifs and functions Starting to embroider Starting to embroider with the quick · the sewing computer will automati- reverse button cally sew approximately 6 stitches · lower the presser foot and stop · press the quick reverse button on ·...
  • Page 23: Embroidery Screen

    Motifs and functions Embroidery screen Embroidery screen · the remaining sections appear gray on the screen · after selecting a motif, the embro- idery screen with color selection and · the cursor indicates the starting sequence appears point of a particular color ·...
  • Page 24 Motifs and functions Single color motifs Single color · touch the brush symbol Embroider the motif in one color · the motif will be embroidered in one color · the sewing computer stops automatically when the motif is complete Layout 1 and 2 Layout 1 ·...
  • Page 25 Motifs and functions Retrieving the motif · the hourglass disappears and the motif appears again in its frame · when the motif has been moved to the position of your choice, you can · touch “ok” to confirm and return retrieve it to the sewing screen ·...
  • Page 26 Motifs and functions Check size Check motif size · if the hoop and motif are suited, · open Layout 1 screen the hoop moves into the start · touch check symbol position · the embroidery hoop moves to the · if the motif is too large for the back so that the hoop coding can hoop, a message appears on the be registered (embroidery hoop...
  • Page 27: Rotate Motif

    Motifs and functions Mirror image (horizontal) Horizontal mirror image · the corner marking moves from the · open Layout 1 screen bottom right to bottom left of the · touch the mirror symbol frame · the motif will be shown in mirror ·...
  • Page 28 Motifs and functions Horizontal and vertical adjustments Horizontal adjustments Reduce or increase the motif width · only the motif frame is visible when · open Layout 2 screen it is being altered · touch the left field · the changes are active until a new ·...
  • Page 29: Altering The Stitch Density

    Motifs and functions Altering the stitch density Altering the stitch density Retrieving the motif (e.g. when using fine or thick threads) · after adjusting, the motif can be · open Layout 2 screen retrieved · touch the left field · touch “show” ·...
  • Page 30 Motifs and functions Convert Stitches The embroidery motifs are filled with long or straight stitches. Long stitch: • alternates from one side to the other Straight stitch (fill stitch): • consecutive stitches at regular intervals Convert Long Stitch to straight (fill) stitch: open Layout 2 screen •...
  • Page 31: Combining Motifs And/or Letters

    On-screen editing Combining motifs and/or letters Motifs can be combined in the artista be combined with letters. Create embroidery module to create logos, crests, and badges without completely new designs. Motifs can using the PC. Select embroidery letters · touch the embroidery module symbol ·...
  • Page 32 On-screen editing Temporary save · touch “temporary save”; the hour- Note: if the sewing computer is glass will flash turned off before the motif(s) is · the lettering is stored in a tempo- permanently saved – in the rary memory embroidery module or on a card –...
  • Page 33 On-screen editing · the combination design will appear · during the sewing of the last letter, on-screen deactivate the brush function; it will · to sew without saving, press the turn light again. The sewing com- start button and stitch the design puter will stop at the end of the ·...
  • Page 34: Saving Motifs

    On-screen editing/Saving motifs Arched lettering Use the rotating feature of the edit function to create arched lettering. · following the directions on pages · touch “ok” when the letters form 24–32, select the desired letters as the desired arch individual motifs ·...
  • Page 35: Deleting Data

    Saving motifs/Deleting data Saving motifs on memory cards Bernina memory cards (blank) · up to 15 different designs can be · blank cards can be purchased from saved on the memory card (depen- your Bernina ® dealer ding on the number of stitches) ·...
  • Page 36: Free Arm Embroidery

    Deleting data/Free-arm embroidery Delete complete contents of memory (embroidery module or card) Memory screen · open the memory screen (touch external “mem” button) · either the embroidery module function or the embroidery card function must be active · press the external “clr” button ·...
  • Page 37: Thread Breakage During Embroidery

    Thread breakage during embroidery Sometimes the upper thread can Upper thread breaks · the artista 165, artista 170 and arti- either break or run out while you are embroidering. If this happens, the sta 180 stop if the upper thread sewing computer stops automatically.
  • Page 38: Embroidery Threads/summary Of Embroidery Motifs

    Embroidery Threads / Embroidery motifs-Summary Embroidery threads Professionally digitized designs are ding 60/2 cotton or embroidery bob- normally digitized for 40-weight bin thread. It is not necessary to thread which can be found in poly- match the bobbin thread to the ester and rayon varieties giving the upper thread.
  • Page 39: Optional Accessories

    Artista embroidery software Bernina software comes in a variety of levels enabling you to choose the soft- ware right for you. All are Windows based, easy to learn and fun to use. Editor provides a powerful base for the designer software. It comes with 211 designs and 42 alphabets giving you the creative freedom to edit existing designs and personalize them.
  • Page 40: Index

    Index Index · retrieve · motif size · temporary save · presser foot Accessories, optional 5, 39 Selecting motifs from cards Accessories, standard Selecting motifs from module Adjusting the hoop Hoop coding Sewing Screen Artista embroidery software Hoops – attaching Stabilizers 17–18 Artlink software...

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