Care And Cleaning; Pizza Shelf (Some Upright Models); Chest Divider (Some Chest Models); Defrosting - Kenmore Freezer Use And Care Manual

Kenmore freezer user manual
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Here is the place to store up to four extra-large
boxes of frozen
pizza without ever having to dig them out from beneath a pile of
other stored goods. To change the location of the pizza shelf:
support the bottom center of the shelf with one hand and use your
other hand to gently ease each support tab outward until they have
all dropped between the edge of the shelf and the liner wall. It may
help to slide the supporting shelf slightly to the side opposite that
in which you are removing the tabs in order to get a larger gap
between the edge of the supporting
shelf and the liner wall.
Next, locate the pizza shelf beneath the shelf nearest your desired
location and snap each tab upwards between the wire or glass
shelf and liner until the tab has snapped into place and is resting
on top of the supporting shelf. Repeat for each tab until all four are
firmly in place and then load with desired items.
Use these clever dividers to custom-arrange
a variety of different-
sized storage bins in the bottom of your chest freezer. Use the peel-
n-stick labels found in your literature packet to help remind you
which items are stored where. If you have an item that isn't already
covered by one of the pre-printed labels then use one of the blank
labels and a permanent
marking pen to make your own custom
label. Labels can be peeled off when no longer
needed and
replaced by new and different ones.
of Chest Divider Configurations:
_ _ i II _
stick to
cold metal surfaces.
Do not touch
interior metal surfaces
with wet or
damp hands.
Some upright freezers are frost-free and defrost automati-
cally, but should be cleaned occasionally.
To avoid frequent defrosting, occasionally use a plastic
scraper to remove frost. Scrape with a pulling motion.
Never use a metal instrument to remove frost.
Freezer must be
unplugged (to avoid electrical
hazard) from power source when
It is important to defrost and clean the freezer when 1Ato 1/2
inch of frost has accumulated. Frost may tend to accumu-
late faster on the upper part of the freezer due to warm,
moist air entering the freezer when the door is opened.
Remove food and leave the door open when defrosting the
To Defrost
Upright Models with Defrost Drain:
Remove the drain plug on the inside floor of the freezer by pulling
it straight out.
To access external drain tube on models with a base panel, first
remove the two screws from the base panel. Locate the drain
tube near the left center under the freezer.
Place a shallow pan under the drain tube. Defrost water will
drain out. Check the pan occasionally so water does not overflow
(see figure 1).
A V2inch garden hose adapter can be used to drain the freezer
directly into a floor drain. If your model is not equipped with an
adapter, one can be purchased
at most hardware stores.
the drain plug when defrosting
and cleaning
If the drain is left open, warm air may enter the
Drain Pan

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents