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Kenmore Freezer Owner's Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Kenmore Freezer

  • Page 2 ::):i:::::=!:::i_:i::z::::=:::!:::i: ....: ..•....:..: _- i<:••::.:!/i/i:i!!/:::i;i:?:::17: ¸:f:•:iq ::(i::::/:•!•: CONTENTS Safety First,2,.,2.,:...;.._; ......Front Cover Features...: ............ ;.:..3-4-5 If Door Must Be Removed_..,...;:,..:.;._.._..,2 Before Calling for Service ......: ..::.L.--6 Install It ..............2.2 Defrost It/Quick Defrost..: ..i..i.;.:...;..:..-7 Level It..........:..;.._:..:..;...:.2 Clean [t.2..:...2.._.;:._.:..
  • Page 3 COLD CONTROL LOCATION < Cold control is located inside t-rl the freezer on the right side Cold control is set at #1 Allow heeze_ to run about 4 hours to cool thoroughly o In case of light failure. o Turn cold control off.
  • Page 4 PREMIUM MODEL 20938 (19.3 CU, FT.) Interior Food Storage Light Guide IVIodeI & 2 Juice Serial • Number Racks l'hree Security Refl'igerated Loci< with Shelves Eject Key Adjustabfe Cold 3 L-)oor Control Shelves Adjustable Shelf D o o r Basket Closer Defrost J•...
  • Page 5 ¸ ¸ • BETI'ER BETTER MODEL, 20628 (t6.0 CU,, FE,) MODEL 20328 (I3.3 CU. FF.) Food Storage tvlodel & Food Guide _ Storage Nu tuber Guide Locath)l; ..Security Security Lock with Three Loci< _;iih Eject l<ey kefrlgeratec Sle 'yes - Eject Key Five Adjustable:...
  • Page 6: Befor.e Calling

    In order to ensure that wmr frozen food is main- o Unfrozen food may cause the freezer to run longer tained at a safe and constant low temperature; your than normal freezer has a magnetic strip in the gasket...
  • Page 7 .._fieezer_a ..scr_ ::::: _7_::::Z::::: :::::: :::):: :::::::::! i:)::: ¸ :::: flI'K Block door' to prevent odor and/or mildew growth :::::::: :::::::...
  • Page 8 SEARS SERVICE CENTER TODAY AND PURCHASE YOUR KENMORE FREEZER A SEARS IVlAINTENANCE AGREEMENT. Record in the space below the model numbe_ and serial number of this freezer. They are located inside upper left 'side of freezer 253. Model Number Serial Number...

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