Care & Cleaning - Kenmore 253.20202 Use & Care Manual

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Care & Cleaning
Before cleaning:
• Remove food from the appliance and
store it well covered.
• Unplug the appliance from the
electrical outlet.
Clean the appliance interior and interior
accessories regularly with a cloth and
lukewarm water. Do not use abrasive
cleaners. After cleaning rinse with fresh
water and rub dry. When everything is
dry, plug the appliance back into the
electrical outlet to resume operation.
Appliance must be unplugged (to avoid
electrical hazard) from power source
when cleaning unit. Never clean the
appliance with a steam cleaner. Allow
time to dry before using the appliance.
Do not use harsh chemicals, abrasives,
ammonia, chlorine bleach or
concentrated detergents to clean the
unit. Also, do not use essential plant
oils or organic solvents, such as lemon
juice, orange peel extract, butyric acid
or cleaners containing acetic acid. Such
cleaning agents may dissolve, damage
or discolor appliance surfaces.
Between Defrostings
To avoid frequent defrosting, occasionally
use a plastic scraper to remove frost.
Scrape with a pulling motion. Never use a
metal instrument to remove frost.
To defrost:
Unplug the appliance from the
electrical outlet.
Remove all food.
Prop door open so it cannot
accidentally close. Leave shelves
in place so children may not easily
crawl inside.
4. Occasionally sponge away melted
ice water accumulation from
appliance floor.
After all ice has melted and all
water accumulation has been
wiped away, close door and plug
the unit back into electrical outlet
to resume operation.



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