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Control Panel - Kenmore 580.53509 Owner's Manual

Kenmore dehumidifier user manual
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Your dehumidif'_r control panel contains a Bucket Full indicator, a Humidity indicator, a Power
Control, Humidity Control, Fan Speed Control and Timer Control.
Bucket Full indicator --This lightglowswhen thewater bucketisfull and needsto be emptied.
It also glowswhen the bucketis not properlypositioned.
Power-- Operationstartswhen this buttonis pressedand stopswhen the buttonis pressedagain.
Humidity Control -- This buttoncontrolsthe humidityin the room.
• e : To raise the humiditysetting
• • : To lowerthe humiditysetting
• The humiditycan be set withina range of 35%-70% RH(RelativeHumidity)by 5%
• if you push e buttononce again at 35% RH,
on isdisplayedand Unit operateswithoutRH.
Fan Speed -- This controls the speed of the airflow.
• When Fan Speed button is pressed,the fan speed mode changesfrom High .-) Low-_ High.
Energy Timer -- Press this buttonto selecttype of operation.
• Select Constantfer uninterrupted operation.
• Selecteither 3 or 6 Hr. On/Off for cycledoperation.
The unitwilloperatefor 3 or 6 hours,and then shut off completely for 3 or 6 hours.
The cycle repeatsuntilyou change the eeiting.
• When Energy Timerbutton is pressed,the Timer indicator lightsshift as follows:
ContinuOus On,,,], 3 Hr. On/Off _ 6 Hr. On/Off _ Continuous On
Auto Restart-- Once power is restoredalter a poweroutage, the unitbeginsoperaUng at itsprevious
operation settingsafter a 2 minutedelay.
1. Plugthe powercord intoan electricaloutlet.Pressthe powerbutton.
2. Set the HumidityControlanywhere between 35%-70% RH(RelativeHumidity)for normaloperation.
If you need drier air, press the • HumidityControl button.
ff you need moister air, pressthe • HumidityControl button.
3. Press the Power buttonto stop the unitmanually.
4. Pressthe Timer buttonto set the amountof lime you want the unitto run.
At the end of that time, the unitwill shutoff.
The Timer can be set for: Continuous On, 6 hoursor 3 hours.
5. If you want to controlthe speed of airflow,press Fan Speed button.Each time that the Fan Speed button
is pressed,the fan speed mode is shifted:High"-) Low -> High
Note: Be careful not to lose the water bucket.
This dehumidifier doesn't run If the water bucket is not Installed properly.


Table of Contents

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