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Kenmore 48487 Owner's Manual page 9

Automatic breadmaker
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Step 9. Start Cycle
_,_.,.. ,__'_
Press START to act rate the
Breadmaker, The breadmak-
er has already calculated your various
settings and selections, and your recipe
is now on its way to being prepared,
First, the machine mixes the ingredi-
ents, Then, it begins the Kneading
process, During this process, the yeast
begins to activate, The Viewing
Window may begin to "fog" with con-
This is a normal part of the
process, The condensation
wi!! gradual.
ly disappear
durtng baking.
Whole Wheat cycles have a "rest"
period for up to 30 minutes before
kneading begins,
No movement
occurs in the pan, This is normal.
For special cycles, such as Jam, the
follows the processes
outlined in the cycle charts at the end of
this manual.
Step !0. Stop Cycle/
Remove Bread
When the bread is done, the machine
will beep,
Press and hold the STOP
Put on protective oven mitts and
remove Bread Pan,
that the Bread Pan and the
bread loaf are both very hot after the
Baking Cycle!
DO NOT place either on
a tablecloth,
plastic surface, or other
surface which might scorch or melt,
If STOP is not pressed, a Keep Warm
Cycle begins. This wil! help keep the
bread from becoming soggy, For best
results, remove bread immediately after
Baking cycle is complete.
The Keep Warm Cycle does not apply to
Dough, Batter Breads/Cakes
and Jam
Step !!.
Remove Bread from Bread
Remove loaf of bread
from Bread Pan
as soon as the Breadmaker
has com-
pleted the baking cycle.
Hold Bread Pan upside down a few
inches from countertop
and gently shake
out the loaf of bread.
Place loaf of bread on a wire rack or
other ventilated cooling surface to coot.
Allow bread to cool !5.30
before slicing.
Step 12,
Be sure to remove Kneading
before slicing,
The Kneading Paddle may
be very hot, Never remove it from hot
bread with bare hands.
The Kneading
Paddle may stick in the
loaf of bread,
If it does, use a non-metal
utensil to gently remove it from the
bread, taking care not to scratch the
paddle. Use a knife with a serrated edge
for best slicing.
Step 13. Unplug Breadmaker
Always unplug your Automatic
after use.

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