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  • Page 3 JUDGE IF THINGS ARE GOING WELL strengthen the dough while rising and also controls the yeast so that the dough rises evenly. (Ifyou must Development eliminate or cut back on these two ingredients, please be aware that the quality of the bread may be affected.) the first kneading cycle, the ball of kneaded should be smooth and elastic.
  • Page 4 65°F since the dough will not rise well and the loaves will be short. If the ambient Kenmore Choice Bread Machine with Multi-Logic_ temperature is higher than 85°E the dough can over-rise and the bread can possibly collapse or wrinkle during baking and the crumb texture will be coarse.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Welbilt Appliance, Inc. Cinnamon Nut Bread ..........Maple Walnut Wheat Bread ........Responsibility for the success and/or originality of the recipes for the Kenmore Choice Bread Machine contained herein rests with Welbilt Appliance, Inc. Rye Bread ............... P.O. Box 3618 Onion Bread ............
  • Page 6: Introduction

    Basic Pie Crust ............discovered the secrets of cooking and baking...well, Cream Cheese Pie Crust ........are in for a real treat. Now they've never been easier. Pfite Bris_e ............. Pfite-_-choux ............Danish Pastries ............Practical Solutions to Easy Baking ......67...
  • Page 7: Insider'sguide To Easy Baking

    Gluten, a natural protein found in wheat flour, makes dough elastic when Organization is Essential: The Kenmore Choice Bread Machine efficiently kneaded. This high gluten content produces higher is programmed to eliminate any of the guesswork. However, it is volume loaves.
  • Page 8 INSIDER'S GUIDE TO EASY BAKING (cont'd.) Remember when dieters declined bread because it was Ingredient Temperature: Ingredients must be at the temperature starchy and fattening? Well, nutritionists won a reprieve specified in recipe. Butter/margarine that is too cold, and not at...
  • Page 9: Basic White Bread Variations

    BASIC WHITE BREAD VARIATIONS BASIC WHITE BREAD Now you can have fun baking variations of Basic White Bread. Let your imagination take wing. Please note that ___veryone's badmouthing white bread these days. when using a flavoring high in salt, such as dried soup/dip Sometimes, however, only white bread will do.
  • Page 10: Cinnamon Nut Bread

    MAPLE WALNUT WHEAT BREAD CINNAMON NUT RAISIN BREAD of our favorite restaurants makes all its own baked Remember when Mom fixed raisin toast for breakfast or goods. At dinner, they feature a homemade loaf with a a snack? Well, we've gone a little further by adding tantalizing flavor.
  • Page 11: Rye Bread

    ONION BREAD RYE BREAD humble onion is found in every cuisine. Its most !-'roducing high, moist loaves with whole grains is very famous role is in French onion soup. Today dried onion difficult when you're making bread by hand. This is soup mix is added to recipes more often than served as especially true when using rye flour which has little or no soup.
  • Page 12: Chevre Cracked-Pepper

    CHEVRE CRACKED-PEPPER BREAD PESTO BREAD What is all this fuss about black pepper? While some Pesto is Italian and means simply "paste." Our favorite is people cough and sneeze as fashionable waiters grind it made of fresh basil, garlic, olive oil, grated cheese and onto salads, other diners cry, "More, more!"...
  • Page 13: Cheddar Bacon Bread

    CHEDDAR BACON BREAD FRENCH BREAD When we set out to develop a cheese bread for the /'!ave you ever noticed that the French have a flair for Bread Machine, the decision was to go whole hog and use the finer things in life? This is especially true when it bacon as well.
  • Page 14: Pizza Dough Variations

    PIZZA DOUGH PIZZA DOUGH VARIATIONS [] Substitute 1/2to I cup whole wheat flour for same /t's time to change the timeworn phrase "As American amount bread flour. apple pie" to "As American as pizza pie!" Our country so taken with pizza that entire restaurant chains are [] Add 1 tablespoon crushed herbs (oregano,...
  • Page 15: Bagels

    BAGELS BAGELS (cont'd.) [] Bring 3 quarts water to boil in a large pot. Stir in There's nothing in this world like a chewy bagel - 1 tablespoon barley malt syrup. smothered with cream cheese and lavished with lox. Bagels join the melting pot of ethnic foods Americans call [] Remove dough from Bread Machine;...
  • Page 16: Holiday Braid

    Whole Grain Breads HOLIDAY BRAID / ¥othing is as festive as braided yeast loaves - rich with Today's consumer demands and devours hearty, whole raisins or studded with crunchy seeds. grain loaves which are high in healthy nutritional fiber. Whole grain flours are substantially lower in gluten than Add ingredients in the order listed.
  • Page 17: 100% Whole Wheat Bread

    100% WHOLE WHEAT BREAD 7-GRAIN BREAD Hand made 100% whole wheat bread usually doesn't dark, moist loaf that's perfect for sandwiches! Such is rise very much. That's why the Bread Machine is such a the reward when slicing into a loaf of 7-Grain Bread. The great invention.
  • Page 18: Sunflower Oatmeal

    SUNFLOWER OATMEAL BREAD TRIPLE WHEAT BREAD Now, if you thought our 100% Whole Wheat Bread was This one is definitely from the Heartland! Crunchy good, wait until you try this one. Triple wheat, triple sunflower seeds in a whole wheat, oatmeal and honey treat! Whole wheat flour, wheat germ and wheat bran base evoke visions of fields ripe with golden grains in plus dark molasses create a loaf brimming with fiber.
  • Page 19: Honey Oats 'N' Barley Bread

    HONEY OATS 'N' BARLEY BREAD SHREDDED WHEAT BREAD Studies indicate that oat bran is even more beneficial Connoisseurs of shredded wheat know their favorite than healthful wheat bran. So, we couldn't resist adding cereal has no added sugar or salt. It's just pure, wholesome some to one of our whole grain breads.
  • Page 20: Dark Pumpernickel

    DARK PUMPERNICKEL BREAD SHAPING FOR PUMPERNICKEL BREAD Large Round Loaf: Form dough into smooth ball. There's something about pumpernickel that begs for a Place on greased baking sheet. After 1-hour rising, big pot of soup and a roaring fire. Perhaps its darkness glaze top of loaf with egg white and slash twice diagonally with a very sharp knife.
  • Page 21: Quick Breads 35

    Quick, l reaas PROTEIN ROLLS Quick breads fit somewhere between yeast breads and Protein Rolls are remarkably light, moist and high in cakes. Baking soda and baking powder instead of yeast volume. They earn their name through the addition of are used as leavening agents.
  • Page 22: Banana Nut Bread

    BANANA NUT BREAD CHOCOLATE CHIP ZUCCHINI BREAD We,ve seen many an eye light up at the mention pale green flesh and delicate flavor of zucchini Banana Nut Bread. It has to be one of the most popular balance the sweetness of the chocolate chips in this quick breads around.
  • Page 23: Applewalnut Loaf

    APPLE WALNUT LOAF CORN BREAD glorious aroma of baking apples, cinnamon Have you ever noticed how most quick breads resemble nutmeg is this recipe's hallmarks. cake? Well, corn bread is one quick bread that can be described as savory rather than sweet. Premeasure ingredient groups...
  • Page 24: Carrot Pecan Bread

    CARROT PECAN BREAD CARROT PECAN BREAD (cont'd.) [] Add ingredient Group B. Mix for 1 minute and Carrots have been cultivated for over 2000 years. 10 seconds, scraping down sides of pan if necessary. Elizabethan women adorned their hair with the wispy, [] Add ingredient Group C.
  • Page 25: Pumpkin Spice Bread

    Cookies &Bars PUMPKIN SPICE BREAD smiling jack-o'-lantern signals fall. But there's no need We,ve never met anyone who didn't care for cookies. to wait. Here's a year-round treat as close as you'll get to Perhaps it's a throwback to our kindergarten days, when old-fashioned pumpkin...
  • Page 26: Chocolate Chip Cookies

    PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES ..7.• Herds a recipe so peanutty, you'll think it's right from Chocolate chip cookies are so popular that there are contests for the best recipe. Wouldn't you just love to be the jar. Natural peanut butter is really dynamite in this the judge? recipe!
  • Page 27: Sugar Cookies

    SHORTBREADS SUGAR COOKIES If you're a butter lover, you'll adore shortbread - the What happy feelings of nostalgia sugar cookies evoke! ultimate butter cookie of the world. Our very simple They take us back to childhood helping Mom or recipe goes way back and has survived the test of time Grandma roll out the dough.
  • Page 28: Spicy Date Cookies

    SPICY DATE COOKIES SPICY DATE COOKIES (cont'd.) [] Add ingredient Group E. Mix for I minute, scraping down These cookies are a salute to California and Arizona - sides of bowl if necessary. two states in which domestic dates are grown. [] Add ingredient Group E Mix for up to I minute.
  • Page 29: Chocolate Chocolate

    CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES HERMITS Double chocolate cookies may mean double trouble to These delicious drop cookies are reminiscent some, but double delicious to others. Which fate do you gingerbread. claim? Premeasure ingredient groups (sift together Premeasure ingredient groups (sift together ingredient Group D).
  • Page 30: Granola Crunchies

    GRANOLA CRUNCHIES GRANOLA CRUNCHIES (cont'd.) [] Add ingredient Group C, then gradually add ingredient created these cookies by using a granola recipe from Group D. Mix for 1 minute, scraping down sides of pan a friend who claims his homemade granola is the best in if necessary.
  • Page 31: Pecan Fingers

    CHOCOLATE BROWNIES PECAN FINGERS Mention bar cookies, and what immediately comes to Rich in pecans, butter and powdered sugar, this cookie mind? Brownies, of course - those dense, intense is a holiday classic. chocolate cakelike squares that drive us all to distraction. Premeasure all ingredient groups.
  • Page 32 BUTTERSCOTCH BROWNIES APPLE WALNUT BARS These bar cookies will fill your kitchen with wonderful fTere's a variation on the ever-popular brownie theme. aroma. With their butter and brown sugar, butterscotch brownies are reminiscent of caramel. Premeasure ingredient groups (sift together ingredient Group D).
  • Page 33 _pastries ALOHA APRICOT SQUARES word pastry has two culinary meanings. One refers What a fitting end to our cookies section. But, that's to a dough used for sweet desserts, such as pies and tarts, really not why we named them Aloha Apricot Squares. as well as nonsweet foods, such as appetizers and snacks.
  • Page 34 BASIC PIE CRUST CREAM CHEESE PIE CRUST if you love a rich pie crust, you'll adore this one. Not Daking flaky pie crust can challenge even the most only is it bursting with butter, it's also chock full of intrepid cook. Now its preparation is no longer an cream cheese.
  • Page 35 PATE BRISEE PATE-A-CHOUX If you think pie is the only way to finish a memorable Choux pastry is the fancy name for cream puffs and meal, wait until you taste this French tart crust. Fill it eclairs. Our version is suited to sweet or savory treatments. with fruit or custard.
  • Page 36 DANISH PASTRIES DANISH PASTRIES (cont'd.) [] Add ingredient Group C, and then Group D. Scrape Yeast pastry is a different animal than regular yeast down sides of pan with a spatula if necessary. Mix until dough. Pastry dough rises slowly in the fridge. The butter dough is well blended and smooth.
  • Page 37 © The following tips will provide you with practical solutions to problems you might experience when using your Kenmore Choice Bread Machine. Read the Owner's Manual also. It will guide you to understand the usage of this appliance to achieve maximum enjoyment.
  • Page 38 Practical Solutions YEAST AND WHOLE GRAIN BREADS (€ont'd) Problem Cause Solution Bread touches Weather very hot and/or humid. Do not bake bread in Bread Machine until cooler and less glass dome. humid; reduce yeast by 25 to 50%. If recipe calls for 2 teaspoons, try 1'/2 teaspoons down to i teaspoon.
  • Page 39 Practical Solutions COOKIES Problem Cause Solution Butter/margarine Too hard. All ingredients must be at room temperature unless does not blend in otherwisenoted. well with other ingredients. Ingredients Ingredients were not added at appropriate moment. Pre-measure all ingredients. Add as indicated in recipe. not well blended.
  • Page 40 Being involved with automatic bread makers the past five years, Tom has taken the features most people have been asking for and successfully put them altogether in a nice neat package called the Kenmore Choice Bread Machine.

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