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Overview - Kenmore 48487 Owner's Manual

Automatic breadmaker
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With your new Kenmore Automatic
Breadmaker, you can do the following:
Create many types of breads .....
program by loaf size and crust color.
Use pre-package bread mixes. Follow
instructions for use on each package.
Bake a loaf of bread from scratch.See
Recipe and Menu Planner included with
your Breadmaker
for many tasty options.
Make dough for roils or loaves you'll
bake in your regular oven. Use the
Dough cycle to do the mixing and
for you. Then, shape and
bake the bread yourself,
PAUSE and remove
for shaping,
filling, braiding,
and more.
Activate PAUSE and score the top of
your loaf for a rustic-style
bread or
make a decorative
crust with roiled
oats, poppy seeds, etc.
Make non-yeast Batter Breads
cakes, jam, and pizza dough
Maintain currently activated program
during power failures
A power failure
back-up stores the active program for
up to 30 minutes, If power is recon-
nected within 30 minutes, the machine
returns to baking your bread at the
point where it left off
IMPORTANT: If a power failure lasts
longer than 30 minutes, and you are
using any dairy products,perishables,
or meats in your bread, discard the
contents of the recipe and start again
with fresh ingredients, This is for health,
sanitary and other considerations
Power failure back-up does not
apply to power surges. If your home
frequent power surges,
we recommend
always using a surge
protection device.
During use, the internal parts of the
and the area around the
Steam Vent are HOT,
To protect young children,
keep your
out of their
reach when the machine
is not being
closely supervised--especially
the Kneading
and Baking cycles,
Use the Breadmaker
on a flat, hard,
stable surface.
DO NOT place it near a
flame or heat, or on a soft surface (such
as a towel, tablecloth, or carpeting),
To avoid burns, stay clear of and do
not cover the Steam Vent during
and Baking cycles,
DO NOT touch Viewing Window
as it
gets very hot,
Unplug Breadmaker
when not in use
or before cleaning.
After baking, wait
for the machine
to cool completely
before touching
or cleaning
Bread Pan
or Oven Case without oven mitts.
Never use metal utensils or scouring
pads with this Breadmaker. These can
scratch the Bread Pan's non-stick
Never use the Bread Pan on a gas or
electric cooktop
or on an open flame.
remove the Kneading
from the bread prior to slicing,

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