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Installation Instructions; Brief Description - AEG DDLE Basis 11 Operating And Installation Instructions

Electronically controlled instantaneous water heater
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Table of Contents
For contractors

Installation instructions

Only trained and authorised experts must install the device and make the electrical connection under full
observance of these installation instructions.
Equipment layout
1 Temperature selector
2 Equipment cap
3 Base, back panel
4 DHW compression fitting
5 Cold water compression fitting
6 Top, back panel
7 Electronics
8 Coding card for output selection for
the DDLE Basis 18/21/24
9 LED diagnostic "traffic light" for operating
and fault indications
10 Plug-in position from the temperature
selector cable
11 Safety pressure limiter (AP 3) with reset
12 Mains terminal
13 Knock-out for power connection from above
14 Fixing toggle
15 High limit safety cut-out (STB) with reset
16 Heating system

Brief description

This electronically regulated instantaneous water heater is a pressure device for the heating of cold water to
DIN 1988 that can supply one or several draw-off points.
The bare wire heating system is suitable for hard and soft water areas (for application range, see
"5.2 Application areas").
Important information
Instructions and regulations
equipment, must only be carried out by a qualified contractor in accordance with these instructions.
intended for this equipment.
as DIN VDE 0100, DIN 1988, EN 806, DIN 4109, DIN 44851.
17 Flow sensor
18 Temperature selector plug "set T"
19 Type plate
20 Mounting bracket
21 Stud for mounting bracket
22 Cable grommet (power cable from above/below)
23 Twin nipple (cold water with shut off valve)
24 Flat packing
25 Screws/rawl plugs for fixing the back panel in
case of water connection on finished walls
26 Second flow limiter, only for the DDLE Basis
18/21/24 (secured to the cold water pipe)
27 Installation and operating instructions
28 Installation template
29 Sieve
30 Flow limiter
31 Profile washer

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Table of Contents

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